What is ‘Vaser® Liposuction’?

For anyone that has been considering having liposuction recently, you may have heard of a new treatment called Vaser® Liposuction. This is a much less invasive procedure in which fat is removed using ultrasound techology which helps to break down the fat cells. It is a highly effective way of getting rid of unwanted fat deposits and a great treatment if you wish to target specific areas with minimal side effects. So what is involved exactly?

This kind of liposuction uses a small ultrasonic probe which softens the unwanted fat deposits or pockets, and then the liquefied fat can be removed gently via a slight suction process and massage of the treated area. Any areas of fat can be targeted, such as love handles, bingo wings, double chins, beer belly, saddle bags and even fat behind the knees. And as the procedure does not need a general anaesthetic, the recovery period is much reduced.

The Vaser Lipo is carried out under local anaesthetic and typically takes around one to three hours. It is virtually painfree but you will be prescribed a course of painkillers on your release from the clinic or outpatients and antibiotics are usually prescribed for a few days afterwards, to minimize any risk of infection. A compression pack around the area of suction will need to be worn to keep the swelling down, but this will be removed after two weeks. Your new body will then be ready for unveiling around four to five months. Vaser liposuction costs around £2,000 for smallish areas and anything up to £4900 for multiple and larger areas. The advantages of having this method of cosmetic treatment are:

You will not need a general anaesthetic – local anaesthetic required only

Day case procedure in clinic – no overnight stay in hospital

There is minimal discomfort and considerably less bruising than traditional liposuction

Results are instantly visible, with improvement over 3-6 months afterwards

Can remove significant amounts of fat

Tissue-selective, targeting fat deposits only without damaging other body tissues

Safe and gentle approach with minimal risk of bleeding

Suitable for large or small areas

So precise it can be used on delicate areas e.g. inner thighs, arms, neck and chin

As with any type of surgery, whether carried out under a local or general anaesthetic, there are risks to be considered. The most common using this type of procedure is ‘seroma formation’ or the accumulation of fluid. This is due to the heat used in the ultrasonic liposuction. Occasionally this pocket of fluid will need to be drained. Minor risks, as with all similar procedures, are numbness and tingling. There could be a small risk of ultrasonic burns, but these have not been widely reported. As a Vaser probe is blunt and the ultrasound is fat-specific, there is a lower risk of injury to blood vessels and nerves than with traditional liposuction or Smart Lipo.

If you are considering this type of surgery you should prioritise the areas you want to target. Ask your surgeon if they have ‘Hi Definition’ training. Surgeons that do have this specialised training can offer contour and shadowing, adding a little bit extra to the end result. To find out more information and/or to book a consultation, visit the thehospitalgroup.org.

**All pictures courtesy of The Hospital Group.**

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