What Is Scentsy?

If you like the ambiance of a scented candle burning, but do not like the inconveniences that goes along with it, Scentsy is for you.

What’s the Big Deal About Burning Candles?

Some people are not aware of the dangers that accompany the use of a burning candle in the home. Of course, we all know that care must be exercised with a burning candle to make sure that it is not situated near anything, such as draperies, that might catch fire from the candle flame.

What some people may not realize is that, in the process of manufacturing scented jar candles, small air bubbles frequently form in the candle wax as it cools. If these air bubbles, which are invisible to the naked eye, happen to form between the cooled wax and the interior of the glass jar, another risk arises. As the candle burns and the wax becomes hot, the air in these bubbles expand, and can cause the jar to explode.

Another side effect of burning candles in the home is that odd assortment of slightly darker patches that occur on the ceilings and walls in the rooms where candles are burned. This is nothing less than good old-fashioned soot – like the stuff that accumulates inside your fireplace flu and has to be cleaned regularly in order to prevent the risk of flu fires. Yuck.

What Is Scentsy?

what_is_scentsyScentsy is a beautiful and safe way to bring the warm glow and pleasing scent of a burning candle to a home or office, without the worry or mess of a burning candle.

Scentsy warmers are designed to safely use the light and warmth of a low-wattage light bulb to gently warm small chunks of scented wax, which in turn releases the lovely scent of the wax into the room. There is absolutely no open flame when using a Scentsy.

Fragrance lovers can choose from a wide variety of Scentsy warmer styles that complement any décor. Whether the theme is contemporary, country cottage, college dorm, or whatever style captures your imagination, there is a Scentsy that fits perfectly.

Can Scentsy Truly Replace a Scented Candle?

Yes – and it can do so beautifully. Scentsy understands that a warm glow is just as comforting as the scent. Each Scentsy is designed to allow the glow from the low-wattage light bulb to softly filter through small openings in the warmer base.
Scentsy also allows you to be as creative with the scents as you wish. The small scented wax blocks can be used as you wish to make the fragrance as strong, or as subtle, as you wish.

You can also mix and match the blocks for a unique fragrance experience. For instance, if you really like the cinnamon fragrance, but would like to add just a touch of apple, you can simply add a block of each to the warmer and enjoy! As the wax melts, the scents will combine for your very own custom result!

Is Scentsy Expensive?

Scentsy is actually less expensive than burning scented candles, especially when you factor in the safety considerations of Scentsy as opposed to candles. The wax bricks can be reused repeatedly until the scent wanes. When this happens, the old wax is easily removed from the unit, and new one(s) can be placed. Or, if you simply wish to freshen up the existing wax, a few drops of fragrance oil, or a small piece of another wax brick, will do the trick.

Where Can I Use Scentsy?

Scentsy can be used in any place that has an electrical outlet. It adds a nice touch to an office or other professional setting, where the open flame of a candle would be especially worrisome.

Does Scentsy Offer Any Other Products Besides Fragrance Warmers?

Yes! Some of the other products include:

  • Scentsy Buddy – a huggable, snuggable stuffed toy that has a small compartment for a favorite Scentsy brick for an especially comforting experience for a child.
  • Scentsy Layers – an indulging and sensuous line of bath and body products that add a touch of luxury to smooth and soft skin.
  • Scentsy Fragrance Foam – an effective antibacterial cleansing foam that gently cleans hands and kills germs, with the added bonus of a Scentsy fragrance!
  • Scentsy Room Sprays – for a burst of fresh scent in a hurry, Scentsy room sprays fill the bill perfectly. These room sprays are also offered in a wide array of fragrances.

Scentsy is beauty, fragrance, value and safety combined in an aesthetically-pleasing package.

To learn more about Scentsy and see a diagram of how Scentsy works, visit the section here called What is Scentsy?

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