What is NOW TV and how can you get it?

NOW TV is a non contract, subscription based media service which allows you to watch films via certain devices such as your television, laptop/pc, Xbox® 360, iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone, or YouView box. It is powered by Sky and although the subscription includes Sky Movies, you do not have to be a Sky customer to watch them on NOW TV. NOW TV has more of the latest and biggest movies first, in fact, typically 12 months before Netflix or Lovefilm Instant. The latest and biggest movies are classified as movies that are in the rolling UK Box Office Top 100, over the past 18 months. NOW TV will also add up to 20 new premieres every single month, so you will always have something new to watch.

The way NOW TV works is that there is no box, just instant online streaming from the internet to a variety of devices. All you have to do is choose which device you want to play the movies on and you will be automatically registered for the service. You can watch NOW TV on two separate devices, including your television set, and if you want to change devices in the future, this is easy, all you do is just update your account online. So to recap, with NOW TV you can instantly stream unlimited Sky Movies online, on a variety of devices, where and when you want. Provided you are using a PC/Mac/Xbox, you can also watch all 11 Sky Movies channels live. There will be more subscription options to NOW TV – soon you’ll be able to enjoy Sky Sports. It is recommended that you have a broadband speed over 2.5mb to ensure quality viewing and accommodate other devices using your broadband at the same time.

At the moment, only 2 devices can be registered for NOW TV and watched on both at the same time. Once you’ve started to watch a movie on a particular device, the device is registered on your NOW TV account and you can use this device in any location (within the UK). If you start to watch a movie on another device, that one is registered and counts as your second device. If you have had Sky TV in the past, or have used Sky Go, you will need to set up a new Sky iD username when you join NOW TV. NOW TV is ready to play on lots of devices. To watch NOW TV via your television, you can use an Xbox® 360, You View box or connect your laptop/PC with an HDMI cable.

And if you are new to NOW TV you get your first 30 days for free. After your trial ends you will automatically get an introductory offer of £8.99 a month for your next 3 months, if you join before 22 January 2013. You will be told when the offer’s up so you can choose to stay or go. After that, it’s £15 for each month of instant movies. You can cancel at any time.

To sign up to NOW TV register your details on shy.com, or for more information please visit the NOW TV website.

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