What is it about men and doctors?

Why is it that a recent survey has found women to be three times more likely to go to the doctors compared with men? Why do men put off going to the doctors?

The fact that men hate going to the doctors may be because choosing not to go puts them back in control of whatever they think is wrong with them. Men often have a lot of pride, and they like to think they are in control of the situations they face. By going to a doctor, some feel as though their fate is in the hands of the doctor, and that they can’t control what happens to them anymore.

Putting off going to the doctors could also be as a result of a financial struggle. Needing medication on prescription is costly, especially with prescriptions costing just over £7 each at the moment. Men prefer to think that whatever they have will simply ‘clear up’, and that intervention of a medic will do nothing but cost them unnecessary money.

The problem the man is presented with may also affect the likelihood of going to see the doctor. For example, many more men will go to see the doctor about a non-embarrassing problem than an embarrassing one. With this figure being as low as it is, it’s worrying to think of the number that actually books an appointment with the doctor for an embarrassing problem. I’m guessing this figure will be shockingly low.

Avoiding the doctor could also be down to the fact that the man thinks he knows best. Sometimes doctors can get our symptoms wrong, which is a simple human error, although this can anger patients quite a lot. Patients see a doctor as a knowledgeable professional, which is what they are, but with that comes a high expectation. As a result, when a doctor gets something wrong, people tend to not hold them in such high regard anymore.

Whatever the reason, going to see the doctor when a problem presents itself is of paramount importance. Very few symptoms will clear up on their own without some type of medication, and for more serious illnesses, if medical intervention is not sought after, the problem could get quite a lot worse, and possibly become untreatable in the future. For diseases such as Cancer, a week can make all the difference in whether someone lives or dies, so going to see the doctor at the earliest convenience is absolutely necessary- for both men and women.

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