What does your smartphone say about you?

You may have chosen your smartphone because of its stylish looks, its impressive features or just because it fits neatly into your pocket.

But, apparently, your choice of smartphone can say an awful lot about what kind of person you are.

According to earlier research, the best way to garner an accurate first impression about someone is to look at their shoes. Researchers at the University of Kansas found you could judge 90 per cent of a stranger’s personality by looking at their shoes.

It turns out, however, that looking at their phone might also reveal a lot. A study commissioned by communications giant TalkTalk Mobile, has been based on research carried out with 2,000 owners of three major smartphone brands in a bid to decide whether their personality is reflected in their choice of device.

The research used a point scoring system to look at personality traits, habits and the type of job certain smartphone owners tend to work in. It found that:

iPhone owners:Iphone Owners

Those who opt for Apple’s trendy iPhone are said to be the ones who rate themselves as the most attractive. They are also the most ambitious when it comes to work goals – something which clearly pays off as they were also found to be the most successful.

iPhone owners pride themselves on working hard, and they believe their boss thinks highly of them.

They are most likely to work in the media and will think nothing of staying late at work to finish a project. Although, perhaps the reason they need to put in later hours in the office is because of their love of social media – as iPhone users were found to be the most active on the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

Those who carry an iPhone with them travel a lot and spend the most money on looking good. TalkTalk’s research found them to be confident, ambitious, daring, bright and flirty.


Android ownersThose who go for one of Apples’ rival Android providers, such as Samsung, were found to be the most creative, the best cooks and the most polite – so clearly make great dinner party hosts.

They are most likely to work within culture and sport industries or within engineering, the Government and in public services.
And, while Apple owners may work later, overall Android owners put in the longest hours at work.

To wind down, they enjoy a drink, or watching television. They are much quieter than their iPhone counterparts – giving off a more calming, relaxed air.


blackberry ownersWhile BlackBerry is facing troubled times, it would seem owners of its devices certainly aren’t. BlackBerry users were found to earn the most – with an average wage of nearly £27,500. They tend to work in the finance, property and health industries.

But, despite their bumper pay packets, BlackBerry owners were found to put in the least hours at work – perhaps they just work more efficiently. They also use their devices for calls and texts more than their counterparts and are likely to be in long-term relationships.

Winding down after work means enjoying a meal out with their big group of friends, or just sitting having a cup of tea or coffee and a chat. They’re the most social, but the least punctual – so don’t expect your BlackBerry using friend to turn up on time. Overall, they were said to be the loudest and bubbliest of the smartphone users.

Dan Meader, director of mobile at TalkTalk, said: “Simply buying a certain type of phone doesn’t mean your personality or way of living immediately changes, but the results could suggest that certain types of personality are drawn to different features and functions of certain handsets.”

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