What do we mean by Distance education?

Technology has entered the area of education as well. With less time and more work, the concept of time is money has evolved. People work and now they can also study at the same time. This is possible because of distance education which not only saves time, travel and money. In this type of education you need not go to institutions or attend classrooms. Everything is provided either by post or by e-mails which are some very effective modes of communication and helps in freedom learning. When a student goes for a distance education he or she can study at suitable times. He gets help from the distance educator and there remains a distance between a teacher and a learner. Without technology distance education will not be possible nowadays.

Distance learning and its advantages:-

Some of the advantages of distance learning are mentioned below.

No age limit: – this kind of an educational system does not have any age limit. Anyone can undergo a distance education anytime. The system to distance education is very good for housewives, working people and physically disabled learners.

Selection of the courses: – when one undertakes this kind of system of education then he or she can take up many and different courses at the same time. He or she can also take up courses from multiple institutes without many problems. This not only helps in learning but also makes one highly educated.

Time is saved: – as already discussed above it is a system where people can study according their own convenience. It also saves time on travel and other hidden costs like books, food, petrol and many more. You can work the entire day and study at night. This lets you to earn and study at the same time.

Many students face problems while presenting slides, asking doubts and learning amongst many. For them this kind of educational system is very useful. Anxiety is eliminated. Sometimes you might also need visas and other formalities to be met. You need nothing in distance education.

Learning and its disadvantages:-

Distance education also has negative effects as well. Since you do not have a classroom environment, you sometimes do not get the motivation to study. In classrooms you tend to meet different kids of people with different mind sets. You miss on the discussions and also other eye-opening things which go on in a classroom. You tend to miss on a lively academic background. Since there are no teachers you lose on feedbacks and sometimes your doubts remain unanswered. There are many companies which prefer people who have gone for a full-time course to ones who have had distance education which is one of the biggest disadvantages of distance education. You tend to have a one way learning in distance education. People who would want to go for research based courses would not benefit from distance education as it does not provide you with laboratories.

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