What Career is Right for You? (Part 1)

Our ancestors didn’t have as many options as we do, as far as career paths are concerned. In the Middle Ages, for example, it was obvious that a butcher’s son would have followed his father’s footsteps since his birth. Today, however, we are all ambitious and money driven, partly as a result of our families’ high expectations, partly because influenced by TV shows and films, which have strongly contributed to making everyone believe that money equals success and self fulfillment.

Now, we all should realize that, in reality, money does not guarantee happiness and can not control our lives. On the contrary, if we do something that we truly like, it goes without saying that we will enjoy doing it, which means that we will become very good at our jobs, hence we will be more likely to increase our income.

Just think of it for a second: the most successful and richest fashion designers, actors, executives and singers are good at what they do because they are passionate about it and have made many sacrifices just to make their dreams come true.

Therefore, if you are not fully satisfied with the tasks you have to perform everyday, maybe it is time you considered a different career path, so that you can earn more whilst doing something that you truly enjoy doing. Last but not least, don’t forget that dissatisfaction causes unhappiness and depression which may have a negative impact on your mental health in the long run.

Evaluating your options

It is crucial that you identify what really motivates you and drives you before analysing your options. Start with your hobbies: can you make a living from any of them? Many people love plants and gardening and dedicate their week-ends to their gardens. Have you ever considered becoming a landscape contractor, or even better, a landscape designer? If you are not sure about the job opportunities currently offered by the market, you can always take a look at websites like monster.co.uk or http://www.jobsearch.co.uk/ to see what the most requested qualifications are.

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