Well Small Animal Rescue has Big Plans!

Caring for animals has been a lifetime vocation for Ali Firth; so it was pretty much inevitable that with over 30 years experience of rescuing and looking after rabbits, she started the Well Small Animal Rescue centre, along with her partner Matt, back in August 2012. The centre is located in the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside and the site is around 40 x 60 feet at present, but Ali has about half an acre on which she can build on, when she gets available funds. The rescue centre can currently accommodate guinea pigs, chickens and rodents, and they are hoping to expand within the next two years, which will enable them to take on more animals. There is also a pen that can hold the occasional farm animal if required.

The rescue centre is a real hands on affair, with Matt building the pens and runs from scratch (with Ali’s help!), and the funding coming from Ali’s business – Lets Go Barking Mad company and various fund-raising. The pair run the centre on their own and are hoping for some volunteers so if you fancy a weekend away with free accommodation and food in the stunning Lincolnshire countryside then get in touch with Ali here – https://www.facebook.com/WellSmallAnimalRescue.

The centre is non-profit making and do need donations so they hold events such as online auctions and garage/car boot sales to raise funds for veterinary bills and neutering. Their next online auction is on 12 October 2012 and you can participate by either donating items or bidding at the auction.

The money raised from this auction will be used to provide food, bedding, building more enclosures, and pay the vet bills. The centre is a ‘no kill no breed’ sanctuary where animals are looked after in safe and comfortable surroundings.

Many have come from abusive circumstances and although there are animals that can be re-homed and are up for adoption, home checks and follow up visits will always apply, and strict guidelines on care must be followed. As Ali says: “I don’t rescue these animals from miserable lives for them to be neglected or abused again.” Anyone interested in adopting or fostering should send her a personal message, via the Well Small Animal Rescue centre Facebook page.

The centre currently has room for around 10 guineas but Ali is hoping to double that with a new enclosure in the spring. They can take in approximately 30 rabbits and 15-20 chickens at present but with more funds could expand and save even more animals. They need to raise enough money to be able to build and take in more so if you want to support them, take a look at their Facebook page and share with your friends, and don’t forget, the auction starts on 12 October and ends 19 October.

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