Weird and wonderful diets

Do you want to lose a few pounds for the summer ahead, but you’re not quite sure what diet plan to follow? Take a look at a few of the weird and wonderful diets listed below for some inspiration.

The carrot diet- Carrots contain small quantities of fats, carbohydrates and many vitamins, so they are great for your diet. Generally, the carrot diet needs to last around 3 days to be successful, with a portion of carrots (one or two) eaten four times a day. A small portion of fruit can also be eaten along with the carrots, but it must be during the same meal time. Green tea, water or milk are the only drinks allowed, and after three days you should notice some weight loss.

The lemonade diet- The lemonade diet is a ten day fast, where you can only drink a special kind of lemonade. This diet is one of the best known methods for cleaning out your insides and helping to balance your body. An average of 5lbs is lost on this diet.

The cabbage soup diet- On this diet, you aren’t restricted to how much you can eat. The cabbage soup can be eaten as much as you like, whenever you feel like it. The soup should contain one green pepper, one diced tomato, six stalks of celery, one chopped onion, one cabbage, four cups of water, one teaspoon of olive oil and ½ a teaspoon of hot sauce.

The caffeine diet- Did you know that caffeine from coke and coffee can help you to lose weight? Diets aren’t all about eating tiny portion sizes of food, but actually about gulping down one thing that’s really good for you, too. Eat your normal three healthy meals a day, but in between them swig some coffee or coke, as caffeine suppresses hunger, and therefore helps you avoid those unhealthy day time snacks.

The green tea diet- Green tea has a huge amount of benefits as it is high in anti-oxidants and is a great detox for the body. Subsidise drinks throughout the day with green tea and you’ll soon start dropping the pounds.

The raw food diet- This diet is very popular amongst celebrities and involves eating food and food sources that are uncooked and therefore raw. It has been suggested in heated food, important enzymes are destroyed, breaking down essential nutrients.

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