Wedding Favors Ideas to Make a Wedding More Memorable

Various Wedding favors

Thinking of wedding favors ideas that would seem appropriate for each guest that will attend your wedding is a very difficult task, especially since you are giving each guest the same gift as the others. Another thing that can be considered difficult is the budget on these gifts.

Of course, you don’t want to break the bank with really expensive keepsakes, but you don’t want to give out just any cheap gift that you can find. Wedding favors are a special keepsake that will allow people to remember your wedding day after years have passed, and you would want to think of wedding favors that your guests will truly appreciate and enjoy.

There are a lot of wedding favors ideas that can be seen over the internet and these can be had for lesser costs than what you would usually spend in traditional craft stores. To make things a bit easier in choosing your wedding favors, here are some ideas that can help you out:

Traditional wedding favors involve inexpensive gifts such as choice selections of small candy bars, mints, and nuts. For the chocolate bars, you can have the labels custom-printed to reflect your wedding picture along with the date of the wedding ceremony. You can also have a package of gourmet coffee packed especially for those attending the wedding. These types of wedding favors never go out of style and are generally loved by all guests.

The groomsmen and the bridesmaids often require a special gift aside from the ones that are given as wedding favors. These are functional gifts that they can use everyday as a token of their participation in the couple’s union. Wedding favors ideas that you can come up with in this case include personalized bags for the bridesmaids and personalized flasks for the groomsmen.

If you are of a mind to spend more on your bridesmaids’ and groomsmen’s gifts then you can treat all of them to a day at the spa before or after the wedding so everyone can feel relaxed and refreshed.

Wedding favors ideas that you can implement on your own would include home-made special cookies, a CD of you and your husbands favorite songs, or perhaps home-made jam. These are more on the practical side of wedding favors, and would really help reduce your costs for the wedding. With a bit of imagination and creativity, you can come up with excellent wedding favors ideas that will surely be appreciated by your guests and family members.

Wedding Favors Boxes Ideas

Wedding Favors Boxes

If you are planning to present your guests with something that will extend your appreciation for them then you should consider looking for unique wedding favors boxes that will come with your simple gifts. A wedding would not be complete without giving your guests with a special gift that will symbolize you as a couple.

Most of the couples who are planning to get married want to give their guests a simple gift that will also show their appreciation for their presence in their wedding and for their love and support throughout their whole journey as a couple. Therefore, the way these gifts will be presented to your guests is really an important detail to consider when planning a wedding.

Wedding favors boxes are the containers or packages where the wedding favors will be put. Usually, these are placed on the table where the visitors will stay during the reception.

These boxes can also serve as wedding decorations on the table therefore it is very important to choose the design that will complement the motif or theme of the wedding or reception. Before deciding on what wedding favors boxes you will purchase, be sure to decide first on the kind of wedding favors you would give to your guests.

This will dictate the size and type of the boxes that you will order. If you are planning to give something small then you will just need small boxes or packages for your wedding favors.

There are a lot of unique wedding favors boxes ideas that you can also use in your own wedding. If you are planning to hold a beach or garden wedding, a small tin pail can be a wonderful container for your wedding favors. You can also use a bride and groom wedding boxes for your wedding favors. You can put the wedding favors for the guys inside the groom box and the wedding favors for the girls inside the bride box. These boxes are also very cute to look at if they are placed on the reception table.

For those couples who have limited budget to spend for their wedding, you can actually make your own wedding favor containers or boxes. In this way, you can make them more personalized by designing them with your initials and some knick knacks that you can buy from some arts and crafts stores.

The most important thing is that you were able to communicate to the visitors your overwhelming appreciation for their attendance. It is also important to use materials that can best symbolize you as a couple. Wedding favors boxes can definitely add more spice or elegance to your simple wedding favors.

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