Weber Grill: A Brief History and Review

Weber grillOne of the most famous brands in outdoor barbecue grills is the Weber grill. Barbecue grills are designed to cook food through direct application of heat from underneath the ingredients.  Weber popularized the kettle design of grills and it is still considered a classic in American homes.  It is most famous because of its part – legs, ventilation, and the kettle-shaped chamber that holds the charcoal, the food grill and the lid.  This design help distribute heat evenly, allowing a more level cooking of the food.

Barbecuing is popular because it is seen as a healthier way of cooking food.  Charcoal used to be the only medium for grills but nowadays there are models that allow gas cooking.  Barbecue enthusiasts love the Weber grill because the lid prevents flames from flaring up whenever the food’s fat drips to the charcoal.  The lid also keeps the smoke inside, helping cook the food with the smoky flavor intact. Others even use special kinds of smoking woods to add other essences and flavors to the food.  This is not something that one can achieve with a gas grill and this is the reason why charcoal grills are still very famous.

The food grill is included in the Weber grill to give another option for cooking.  When charcoal is placed under the griller, you can place a food pan on it for slow cooking.  The lower ventilation is usually kept open to allow air to flow.  This is very crucial in the cooking process because a closed grill will mean lower temperature and a longer cooking time.  In the recent years, smaller versions of the Weber kettle grill were released. This made barbecue enthusiasts around the world very happy because of the additional feature of portability.  The original design made in 1951 is still very popular until today and is often copied by other brands.

Weber still enjoys high sales all over the world because of the popular kettle design.  The current grills come in different models and sizes.  You can get one that fits your lifestyle and your budget.  The internet is full of reviews on different brands of grills.  You can compare the performance of each brand and ask your local dealer what his or her preference is.  In the end, the Weber grill can be the best option for you because it combines convenience, utility, portability and value for your money in each unit.

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