Weather Alert Radio: Life Saver in Times of Calamities and Maladies

Weather Alert Radio

What’s the importance of weather alert radio nowadays? This is a question often asked especially by those who are eaten up by the modern advances. Cell phones and tablet PCs have made things a lot easier. Almost all kinds of program are installed in these things. However, you cannot expect anything from them when calamities come. In fact, these things are the ones you want to save when a flood ruin the day. In these cases, the importance of radios is being highlighted.

Nowadays, our world is shaken up by many maladies such as tornado and tsunamis. At the opening of this year, Japan has been rocked by a deadly tsunami that killed millions of their people. Tornado has been a common visitor in various states in America this year. If only the people of these lands knew that a catastrophe will come, they should been more prepared. Good thing we have weather alert radio. For those who do not know what this thing does, it is not the same as any AM/FM two-way radio. It has an alert system that warns the holder about a coming bad weather. A NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards (NWR) broadcasts weather information 24 hours a day coming from National Weather Service office. It transmits not only weather hazards but all kinds of public safety related events. In this case, having a radio like this is like having a life saver gadget. Aside from this, it’s affordable and some of its kinds are waterproof. Unlike your cellular phones and techno pads, they’re no good in times of calamities and they make your pockets empty.

There are many kinds of weather alert radio in the market. You can actually get them online. For your information and guidance, there are two kinds of radio lines available: the Midland Radio and the Oregon Scientific. The first one is more of a traditional radio while the latter has advanced features. Most Oregon Scientific radios have S.A.M.E. program or Specific Area Message Encoding that allows your radio to filter out distant warning broadcasts and monitor only alerts in the selected area. However, some advanced Midlands now have these features too.  Midland, on the other hand, is the most advisable radio for hiking and mountain climbing.

Some of these Midland radios, which are available online, are Midland 75-822, WR-300, ER102 and WR-120. On the other hand, Oregon Scientific WR601, WR602, and WR113 are the most known Oregon Scientific radios. Nonetheless, whether it’s a Midland or an Oregon, the thing is we need this kind of gadgets, especially now that our planet is suffering from global warming. The pattern of the weather has been disturbed that is why it’s important that we are always prepared. Weather alert radio will surely help us through these kinds of chaotic events for we believe that information is half winning the battle.

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