Your Guide in how to wear Multiple Ear Piercings

Every year sees a new make-up or hair trend, but this year we are focusing on jewellery, in particular multiple ear piercings.

Many new trends start off with a celebrity leading the way, and the past year has seen a cross section of A-List stars sporting the multi-pierced look. Take American actress Gwyneth Paltrow, US reality star Kylie Jenner and Australian model Ruby Rose. They have all embraced the ear embellishment with enthusiasm.

So how do you wear this trend? How do you make sure the look is subtle and not overdone?

Well, there are many ways to wear this particular look, so here are our tips:

Stick to a theme

Whether it’s all hoops, all studs, all diamantes, if you are a novice at this look and are a little worried about going over the top, staying true to a theme can help. Having a row of tiny crystal studs going up the ear is simply gorgeous. Or how about hoops getting larger as they disappear up the ear?

If these don’t float your boat choose a theme such as sea life and pick studs such as turtles, fish, sea-horses etc. Or if this seems a bit contrived and not cool enough for your inner hippy, make the colour your theme and choose one colour but in different tones. Or how about a rainbow look?

Pick a Colour

Talking of colours, a great way to start with this look is to choose earrings in the same colour outfit that you are wearing. So if you wearing tones of blues pick the same colour ear-rings.

The same goes for any colour outfit, just make sure your ear-rings pick out a prominent colour in whatever you are wearing.

Keep it simple

For those just starting off with this trend, keeping it simple is a good mantra. By choosing just a couple of earrings you don’t look as if you are trying too hard.

So pop a stud in your ear lobe and then put another one at the top of your ear or alongside for the best effect.

Keep it classy

Ear piercings

Gold, diamante, brightly coloured crystals will always look gorgeous and beautiful. Tones to avoid are artificial colours such as the neon metals you can get, silver that darkens with age, and anything black.



Adding chains is a great way to make people know you have this style. It immediately draws the eye to the ears and you can get great studs that work with other earrings to go around the edge of the ear.

Faking it

If you don’t want to have loads of holes in your ears, try one of the many earrings that looks like a multiple piercing. There are many around but the best ones look as if you have at least three piercings.

The classic way to wear this look

If you want to emulate the celebrities then the classic way to wear this look is to mix tiny studs with little delicate hoops.

You can add further smaller pieces that you come across but the smaller the better and always think of hoops and studs as your starting point.

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