What not to wear at Halloween

Zipper Face

Zipper Face

Halloween is a great opportunity to really express your creative side and dress up in costumes that are truly eye-catching. Over the years we’ve seen some amazing homemade designs, from surprisingly effective make-up like zipper face (above), to well known film characters such as Edward Scissorhands.

But are there any themes or topics we should keep away from at Halloween, or is anything fair game during this holiday season?

The answer is no. There are certain occupations, cultures and newsworthy topics that are definite no-go areas for Halloween.

For instance:



Sexy Nurses? Really? Hard working nurses have a tough enough time as it is, and now you want to denigrate their efforts by dressing up in sexy costumes and stockings and suspenders?
Workers that have to deal with members of the public on a daily basis should not be the target of Halloween costumes once a year.

News Stories


You may think you are being terribly on trend by copying a news story but actually this is not the case. Last year a man dressed up as Ray Rice, the football player who knocked his girlfriend unconscious and then dragged her out of a lift. This man’s ‘outfit’ was complete with a blow-up doll that was supposed to replicate his wife Janay.  Is domestic violence fair game for Halloween? We think not.


In another story, last year after the bombing at the Boston marathon, one woman dressed up as a victim of the bombings. She subsequently lost her job when a photo of her was posted online and her employers saw it.



Even the Royal Family in the UK can’t get away with racist or fascist costumes. Prince Harry wore a WW2 Nazi uniform and was heavily criticised by the press both in the UK and abroad. So if Harry can’t do it neither can you.


Some people might think it’s a little too PC to want to protect different cultures from the ravages of Halloween, but what does Halloween have to do with Native Indians? Or Arabs, Jews or Muslims? Or Mexicans for that matter? It’s a bit of a cop out. Use your creativity and put down the tea-towel and bed sheet.

And steer clear of homeless people. Since when does living on the streets become a topic for fun and celebration?


Halloween should be about having fun, it’s not an excuse for you to get your slut on, so ditch the tarty vampire costumes, get rid of the sexy policewoman outfit and think about what the season represents.

So what should you wear?

This is a great time to let your imagination run wild. Think outside convention and come up with an original idea that others will want to copy.


Take this Van Gogh, no special effects, apart from a few paint strokes and a ginger beard but so effective.


Or how about this take on Magritte’s The Son of Man, a gentleman in a suit with a bowler hat and an apple in front of his face.

Why not tell us about your Halloween costumes for this year?

Post your comments below.

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