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Feathers are not just something that fall from a bird, they mean much more. Feathers have been used as adornment in many cultures since years. They symbolize and represent different things, in many ways. The feathers represent wealth to some people and to some are powerful tools for healing and clearing energy. Some people seeing feathers in their dreams believe a spiritual beginning of good times and some believe a sign of hope. As said above, feathers depict a variety of cultures of various places.

To the Native American tribes, feathers symbolize trust, strength, wisdom, power, freedom and many more things. A feather gifted to any one brings them a pleasure of being treated as one of the high officials. They also believe feathers as a form of prayer carriers to the Lord. To the Indians, feather of a golden eagle is one of the most rewarding items any one could have. They accept it as a reward from the Lord. Indians have a belief of showing feathers by hanging them up in houses, symbolizing peace and prosperity of the people in the house.

Feather, today has moved down from the world of spirituality to the world of fashion. Today feathers can be seen on anything, from clothes to shoes, handbags to fashion accessories. The celebs especially, love wearing these feathers made jewelry because they add the ultimate glamour to their attire. I had lately being admiring those trendy styles of feather earrings worn by the Hollywood divas. The best thing about these feather earrings is that you can easily find them at a fashion store nearby or even better, make them yourself. Making feather earrings was quiet simple and easy. All you will need is feathers, a pair of scissors, a wire, a wire cutter and the earring hooks. If you want your accessory list to go beyond just the simple ones, you could collect feathers of different colorful birds and make jewelry for yourself, if not making by yourselves, markets always welcome you.

You will find varieties of feather earrings in fashion markets today. These are nature inspired pieces that offer trendier look that are totally in season.  These pieces come in short and long as well and super long too, just the ones the celebs prefer much. If you are preparing your self for a real party night, opt for the big feather earrings. These big ones help emphasizing your cheekbones and give additional look to your hair style as well. If you are just wearing for a casual outing, consider the small ones as big feathers may appear very odd to the situation. These earrings are perfect for any season but much preferred during the summer and spring because of their light weight and bright color appearances. They come in variety of styles and colors, in fact, more than the birds you actually find in the sky.

Hollywood celebs sporting feather earrings

Hollywood celebs sporting feather earrings

Feather earrings in hues of hot pink, blues, emerald are the most demanded in these springs and summers. These earrings could be worn over any kind of casuals. You could wear them with an Ikat-printed dress with probably, cool and colorful scarf or long chained accessory. Make yourself trendy by crossing over a bag through your shoulders, a headband as an add-on to your hairstyle and pairing up your attire with a pair of embellished sandals. You could also wear it along a pair of neutral clothes like a top with white shorts. Ensemble these with hot colored sneakers, making them complement with the earrings. That would be quiet simple and stylish enough for a casual occasion. To grasp extra attention among the crowd, you could wear these feathery pieces with cropped top over a floral skirts or a simple maxi, with a colorful wrist clutch in your hand. This wrist clutch will just stand out from the entire outfit, giving you a stylish look. These feather earrings can be worn on shrugs over simple tees and a pair of tight trousers or denim jeans.There is something sure so magical about these feather earrings that they are an easy way to enhance any outfit, for any occasion.

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