Ways to Save on Travel

Travel has risen in popularity every decade since the airplane became commercially available as a method of transport.

With fares lowering consistently and other innovations such as the Eurotunnel, international holidays are easy as pie and hardly anyone bats an eyelid at the idea of packing up the family and heading off to Spain, the Caribbean, or even further afield for a few weeks’ well-deserved rest and relaxation.

But even with the ever-lowering cost of travel, a few tips can help you shave much-needed pounds off your total bill, and help you enjoy your holiday for less.

Shop around. It’s tempting to grab the first deal you see that meets your needs, but looking on a variety of websites like Expedia, cheapholidays.com and others can help you figure out the cheapest way to get and stay where you’re going. Don’t just look for package deals; also search for cheap flights and stays. Sometimes this can work out a lot cheaper.

Carefully calculate how much you’ll spend on food if you intend to go on a self-catering holiday. Sometimes it can turn out cheaper to go all-inclusive. Be realistic; don’t plot to eat nothing but celery or skip meals as this isn’t likely to happen. You’re better off planning to eat a lot and ending up with money left over than underestimating the amount you eat and overshooting your budget – especially if you don’t have the financial cushion for that. I have previously written an article about ways to make self-catering holidays work, take a look at it here and see if you think it will work for you. If you won’t save money by buying a self-catering holiday, book an all-inclusive trip instead.

It can be tempting to splash out on a new wardrobe for the holidays. Don’t do it – you need to save your pennies for holiday spends. Instead, buy summer clothes when the autumn lines come in and make a killing in savings. You can set them aside for the next summer and have plenty of summer clothes ready when you go on a trip. If you prefer wintery holidays, the reverse applies.

Buy your foreign currency carefully, choosing a venue that offers the cheapest conversion and the best conversion rates. Alternatively, take out a prepaid credit card some months before you actually leave and set up a habit of topping it up regularly. This way, you can save up easily, safely and painlessly and spend your money happily during your trip.

Holidays are a necessity to help us blow off steam and relax after a busy year of working hard. Take some of the stress out of taking a journey by lowering your cost and you’ll be sure to enjoy it even more!

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