Waterproof your phone or tablet with Liquipel

Anyone who has ever dropped their phone in the sink or bath, or has gone swimming with it in their pockets, or simply been caught out in a torrential downpour with their phone will know that sinking feeling when it gets wet. So what if there was some way you could protect your phone or tablet from water and other liquids? Well one company has come up with a solution; a nano coating that works to shield your device and making it waterproof.


Liquipel nano coats all the small and important electrical components that make your device work. You can’t see the coating and while Liquipel say that they can’t guarantee total waterproofing, the nano coating will protect against accidental spills and quick dips.

The way the technology works is that the device is placed in a machine that creates a vacuum, once all the air is pumped out, a liquid repellent is then applied to the electronic parts. The liquid converts into a gas once it touches the components and the final stage sees the introduction of a plasma, which works to decomposes the liquid repellent molecules, and allowsthem to polymerizie to themselves. The machine is then bought back to normal atmospheric pressure and the device is removed. Now all surfaces of your device are coated with the Liquipel substance.


The Liquipel Watersafe technology gives you protection against 80% of all accidental spills, splashes and quick water dips, and as the coating is now part of the device, it is long lasting and doesn’t affect the performance or usage.

Kevin Bacon, who is a co-founder and chief operating officer of Liquipel says: “We are committed to getting this revolutionary technology in the hands of consumers everywhere,” he added: “This year we expanded our portfolio of products, and through Liquipel 2.0, we are delivering on our promise to advance our technology and products.”


At present the nano coating is only available in the US, but there are plans to expand the technology to Europe and the world.

For more information on nano coating, details on where to send or visit to get the procedure carried out, visit Liquipel.com

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