Top 10 Watering Cans for Indoors and Outdoor Gardening

Spring is upon us and for some of us, that means getting out into the garden with our watering cans. If yours could do with an upgrade or you need to buy a new one, how about looking through our recommendations?

Longacre’s Dig for Victory Watering Can, 2L: £16.99

Watering Cans

Made in association with the Imperial War Museum, each watering can includes recipes and gardening tips from WW11 and tells the story of the ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign.

Aqua-Systems Galvanised Watering Can, Cream, 3.5L: £2.00

Watering Cans

You cannot go wrong with a £2 watering can and this one from Homebase goes to show that you don’t have to pay a fortune for a decent product. Larger version holding 8 litres also available for £3.

Burgon & Ball Watering Can, Slate, 5L: £29.99

Watering Cans

Available in slate (shown) or white, this is a practical watering can that is made using powder-coated steel. The ergonomic handle is perfectly balanced and there is a detachable rose.

Waitrose Watering Can, 9L: £29.99

Watering Cans

A whopping watering can here that holds 2 gallons and is rust-resistant as it is made from galvanised steel. Includes a detachable rose and powder coating.

Aquastar Watering Can, 2.1L: £35.00

Watering Cans

You would be forgiven for thinking this was anything but a watering can, but we assure you it is. It is an amazing design and will sure to pique your neighbour’s interest. It comes in three colours; lime (shown), grey and white.

Haws Classic Copper Watering Can, 1L: £49.99

Watering Cans

This is a long-reach watering can that is made from copper and is perfect for greenhouses, conservatories and indoor plants. You can remove the brass rose on the end of the spout for a more concentrated flow and it comes in a display box so ideal for a gift.

Eden Project Tall Metal Watering Can, 5L: £11.95

Watering Cans

A reasonably priced watering can here from the Eden Project which is a charity based in Cornwall. Profits from sales go to the Eden Project’s own transformational projects and learning programmes.

Vivero Solid Brass Watering Can, 1.5L: £96.00

Watering Cans

Water your plants with style as you fill up your Vivero watering can. This sleek Scandinavian design is made from solid brass and wouldn’t look amiss as an ornament.

Ikea BITTERGURKA Watering Can, White, 2L: £8

Watering Cans

A super-stylish watering can design from Ikea that doesn’t look like a standard watering product at all. Perfect for indoor plants or the conservatory. The shape is said to resemble a birch tree.

Dobies Botanical Watering Can: £29.99

Watering Cans

Made from powder-coated steel with a lovely modern tree motif on the front. The only downside is we are not clear how much it holds.



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