8 of the Best Water Filter Jugs 2019

We are constantly being advised to drink 2 litres of water a day, and for most people, this water comes from the tap. But a lot of us don’t like drinking tap water because we feel it isn’t as clean or pure as other sources such as bottled water. Tap water has to meet very strict standards, even higher than bottled water. But for those people that don’t like tap water, water filter jugs are really useful. They can eliminate trace metals such as zinc, mercury and copper, and also chemicals like fluoride and chlorine. We have picked a range of water filter jugs from budget to blow out.

Brita Fun Jug:  £16.99

Water Filter Jugs

Most of us associate water filter jugs with Brita. This is a modern design that features a number of different coloured filter cartridges with Brita’s MAXTRA filter technology. The jug fits inside your fridge door and you get a reminder when it is time to change the filter.

Soma Water Filter Pitcher: £49.95

Water Filter Jugs

If you really don’t like the look of those old-fashioned water filter jugs then we think you will like this one. It has a white oak wooden handle and a Scandinavian design. But the best thing is that the actual filter is made from a coconut shell carbon and a plant-based casing, so no plastic going to landfills. The filter removes contaminants such as copper, chlorine, zinc and mercury.

Bobble Water Jug: £17.99

Water Filter Jugs

We like the look of this water jug as well as the way in which it removes contaminants from water. The filter uses electro-positively charged carbon to remove organic material, trace elements and chlorine. A fun design that is affordable.  The filter is available in black, blue, green, magenta, white and red.

Epic Pure Water Filter Jug: £125.30

Water Filter Jugs

This water jug might not look as fancy as the previous one, but it packs some serious filtering power. Heavy metals, trace pharmaceuticals, VOC’s, in fact, it removes up to 99.99% of all contaminants. The filters are tested and exceed industry standards so if you want pure water, this is the one to buy.

Zero Water: £39.99

Water Filter Jugs

What we like about this water filter jug is that it tells you how pure your water is. So if you like numbers and figures and like checking up on how your product is working you’ll love this one. It also features a laboratory-grade digital water quality meter. The water flows from a one-push button at the bottom which means you can even start using it when it isn’t full up.

Propur Water Filter Pitcher: £111.87

Water Filter Jugs

This is the perfect water jug for camping or just sticking in the car for emergencies as it filters any kind of water, not just tap. You could fill it with water from a lake, stream, stagnant ponds, or water from foreign countries where water regulations are not as strict as in the UK or US. This jug removes harmful contaminants whilst leaving behind beneficial minerals.

Wilko Aqua Advanced: £8.00

Water Filter Jugs

If you just want a cheap option to stick in the fridge this one from Wilko fits the bill. A nice slim design that fits into the fridge door and even has a reminder to change the filter. Reduces contaminants by up to 90%. A bargain at £8.

Stelton 2 Litre Water Filter: £29.95

Water Filter Jugs

A contemporary design here that wouldn’t look out of place in a dining setting. Reduces contaminants and carbonate hardness to give pure clean water on tap.

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