The Pros and Cons of 6 of the Best Washing Detergents

To be perfectly honest, I tend to buy whichever washing detergent is on offer. As a result, I’ve probably used every brand on the market. This has given me a great insight into the pros and cons of each brand. So, if you want to know which washing detergent washes the best at low temperatures and which one fails as quick washes, read on:

Persil Small and Mighty Bio Washing Liquid, 1.33L, 38 washes – £5.00

Washing Detergents

  • Pros: Good at removing stains
  • Cons: Doesn’t remove all fatty spills

Save yourself £2 when you buy this from Wilko. If you have children that are always getting dirty and staining their clothes then you really can’t beat the cleaning power of Persil. It powers through the majority of stains, although some fatty spills were still visible, so chefs should consider another brand.

Surf Gems Lily & Lotus Blossom Washing Gems, 18 Washes – was £5.50 now £3.00

Washing Detergents

  • Pros: Washes well and gorgeous smell
  • Cons: ‘Gems’ don’t dissolve on a cold wash

This is my current washing detergent and I love it. It washes clothes beautifully and leaves a lovely fragrance that lasts. The only problem I’ve noticed is that the little soap ‘gems’ do not dissolve properly on a 30 degrees cold wash. So you’re left with some residue on your clothes. But 40 degrees and over is fine.

Ariel Actilift Excel Bio Washing Gel, 16 Washes, 592ml – £3.00

Washing Detergents

  • Pros: Great at low temperatures
  • Cons: Some might not like the smell

Talking of cold washes, this washing detergent is amazing at cold, delicate, wool, anything below 30 degrees. So if you constantly use a cooler wash, or if you prefer to be energy conscious but still want a great performance, you’ll get great results from Ariel Actilift.

Daz Washing Detergent Liquid, 1.9L, 38 washes – £3.99

Washing Detergents

  • Pros: Good all-rounder
  • Cons: No nice fragrance

This washing detergent washes well enough, but isn’t one of the main pleasures of washing our clothes the lovely smell of them when we take them out of the machine? This brand does the job but there’s no lovely fragrance like you get with Bold or Surf.

Bold 2 In1 Lavender And Chamomile Washing Liquid, 4.52L, 57 Wash – £9.00

Washing Detergents

  • Pros: Superior Cleaning
  • Cons: You want to add more to the machine!

This is a luxury detergent that not only cleans your clothes but makes them soft and silky in the process. I always buy this when it’s on offer but my problem is I love the smell and feeling so much I end up pouring way too much in the drawer.

Ecover Non-Bio Laundry Detergent, 25 washes – £5.20

Washing Detergents

  • Pros: Cleans well and lovely scent
  • Cons: Expensive as a regular purchase

I bought this once when I was going through my ‘fighting for the planet stage’. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still fighting for the planet, but I can’t afford to buy this every week which is a shame as I loved the smell and it cleaned really well. Cruelty-free too.


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