Want to know what your plant is thinking?

If, like me, you struggle to keep your house plants alive for longer than a few days, then maybe this new gadget holds the answer.
It’s the time of year when attention turns to gardening as we admire beautiful flowers in parks and green spaces around our homes and wonder why our own efforts are looking so lacklustre. Well, we can’t all have green fingers can we?

Well, according to Koubachi, makers of the new Wi-Fi Plant Sensor, we can, with just the aid of an android phone app and a nifty little gizmo that takes the guesswork out of plant care.

So, if you follow Prince Charles’ advice and talk to your plants, now they can talk back to you.

Winner of the 2012 Red Dot Design award, the sensor works when placed into the soil of any pot plant to monitor the key factors needed for keeping your plant healthy, including soil moisture, temperature and light intensity. The data is then analysed, based on care models which have been developed with help from leading biologists and the plant owner is then provided with detailed instructions via the Koubachi iPhone app or web app to show how and when to care for their beloved plants.

Inventor of the device, Philipp Bollinger, said: “The Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor is the first device ever that enables real-time monitoring of a plant’s vitality. It’s been very well received since its launch.”

The owner is provided with detailed care instructions about:
Watering: The sensor features a high-precision soil moisture sensor that makes sure you water when needed and prevents over-watering. When our plant looks unhealthy, the first thing we usually do is reach for the watering can, but it could be a sign it needs less water. Soaked roots can’t get enough oxygen, meaning the plant starts to die.

Temperature: Monitors make sure your flora and fauna is placed in ideal temperature environments as well as alerting you when it’s too hot or cold for your plants.

Light intensity: This lets you know whether your plants are positioned exactly in the right place to promote healthy growth. Most plants need lots of natural light, although can wither if conditions are too hot. But the likes of spider plants and some ferns can survive in darker corners.

Fertilising: Based on an individual plant care model for your species, Koubachi provides you with timed fertilizer notifications, so you won’t forget to properly feed your plant.

Misting: Some plants only thrive if misted regularly. Koubachi will alert you when it’s time to mist your plant. Many houseplants evolved in tropical or subtropical environments and benefit from humidity. Rain, fog and mist all form part of nature’s watering system as plants take in moisture from their leaves as well as roots. You can emulate that at home by misting.

While the aps are free, the Wi-Fi sensor itself will set you back £99. But if it stops a steady procession of new plants from withering on your windowsills, perhaps it’s worth it.

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