Forever Light Creator anti-aging serum by Yves Saint Laurent.

Forever Light CreatorIt’s that age old trick, to create a sales frenzy you first stage the premise that a product has sold out, and thousands of women are frantically searching for websites that are either restocking or putting you on a waiting list. But rather surprisingly, when we did a quick search of the latest ‘magical’ anti-aging product – Forever Light Creator, by Yves Saint Laurent, we had no trouble at all buying it from the Selfridges website, in fact, we could have bought it 10 times over.

So was this a cunning sales ploy from the beauty brand to make us think the item was more desirable than it actually was? Or had it really sold out, with a so called waiting list of over 3000 people and a ‘record-breaking 15,000 free sample vouchers downloaded before it has even hit the shops’, according to the Daily Mail.

Forever Light CreatorThe item was so hotly sought after that there was even a dedicated customer service telephone line especially set up to deal with enquiries, as the YSL team attempted to keep up with the demand for the product. But was it the product that was in demand or simply that the samples were free?

We wondered what was all the fuss about? Well, we can tell you that YSL have created the world’s first anti-aging formula that contains a synthetic version of the glycans that naturally occur in our skin, and they are so protective of this new innovation, that they have filed thirteen patents for it.

YSL have long used glycans in their products, first and foremost in their Forever Young Liberator range last year, where they utilised the synthetic version. Previous research has shown that glycans are heavily involved in the way cells communicate, as they have the role of messengers, and signal to receptors on the outside of cells that the cell should carry out certain tasks. Many of these tasks involve what the skin looks like, whether it be youthful or smoother looking skin. Studies have also shown that as we age, the number of glycans in our skin diminishes, which means that the cells no longer receive the messages they need to maintain youthful-looking skin. Therefore, if you can somehow raise the levels of glycans in older skin, you could trick it into behaving like younger skin.

Forever Light CreatorThe formula in the Forever Light Creator supposedly gives skin a fresher feel on 76 per cent of women tested and a more even complexion within one month of use to an impressive 92 per cent.

The serum costs £61 and despite the scaremongering tactics by certain tabloid newspapers, is actually available at Selfridges by visiting their website. There are other products in the range, the Forever Light Creator Cosmetic Water at £35, described as ‘an efficacious skincare starter that prepares the skin for the application of the next step, with a fresh sensation’, the Forever Light Creator Milky Lotion at £35, that helps to correct the appearance of uneven skintone by acting on dark spots, uniformity, clarity, and radiance, and the two serums priced at £61 and £82.

However, not all beauty industry experts agree with the ‘Forever’ claims of the products, with Dr Ross Perry of the Cosmetis Skin Clinics stating in an interview with the Telegraph: “There is no miracle treatment. As soon as you go back into the sun or get a bit of tan, all pigmentation will come back.”

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