Want to Tackle your Hayfever with Natural Remedies?

hay fever

Hayfever season has been heightened with the hot weather and sufferers can have symptoms ranging from itchy eyes, streaming noses and constant sneezing.

There are many different hayfever products in the chemists but people are turning away from harsh chemicals and tending towards more natural remedies. Products that contain vitamins, essential oils, soothing plant extracts and even garlic are enjoying a resurgence.

If you prefer to use natural ingredients to stop the symptoms of your hayfever, we have listed some of the best.

Some help to relieve the overall symptoms and others target specific areas such as the eyes or nose.

Care+ Allergy Defence Spray – £5.99


This is a powder-based nasal spray that when applied to the nose reacts with the moisture to form a gel-like barrier. This barrier helps to stop pollen particles from entering the body and triggering the symptoms of hayfever.

From: hollandandbarrett.com

Nelsons Pollenna for Hay Fever Tablets (72) -£6.25


This homeopathic remedy can be used to treat all the symptoms of hayfever, including runny noses, itchy eyes and sneezing. Has had some great customer reviews, many of whom state that it is also a good product for other allergies like cat and dog hair.

From: boots.com

Haymax Pure Organic DrugFree Pollen Barrier (5ml) £7.29

hay max

This product provides a physical barrier that prevents pollen particles from entering the nose. Made from natural beeswax and other oils, the premise is that it traps enough pollen so that the allergic reaction is not triggered.

From: hollandandbarrett.com

Puressentiel Respiratory Nasal Spray – 15 ml – £9.99


If a blocked nose is one of your main problems during hayfever season then try this nasal spray. No harsh steroids in this product, it uses essential oils such as eucalyptus and geranium alongside propolis and Echinacea extracts.

From: boots.com

Sneezer Beam – £19.95


This is a battery-operated machine with two nasal prongs that you insert into your nose. It works on the principle of light therapy and aims to desensitise your nasal passages to allergic pollens. Non-evasive and drug-free, some say it works immediately, others say it takes a few weeks. There’s a 90 day money back guarantee.

From: jdharris.com

Salitair Easy Breath Salt Therapy – £19.95


This is an inhaler that sets out to replicate the healing properties of the natural microclimate of a salt mine. Why is salt therapeutic I hear you ask? Well, salt has often been used as a cleansing agent, in this instance it also helps to flush out impurities and improve the overall health of the respiratory system. Use for about 15 minutes a day. Pack contains the device and a 220g refill of natural salt, enough for about four months’ of use.

From: salitair.co.uk

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