Want a personal video from The Hoff? App offers celeb message service!

What do you get the person who fancies himself or herself to be a bit of a celebrity? You know the type, the one that is always posting up selfies on Facebook, documenting every aspect of their lives for us mere mortals to only gaze at in awe, and name dropping at every given opportunity? Well, think a personalised message from a celebrity of their choice would blow their minds but dream this isnt possible and even if it was it would cost you a small fortune?


Think again as one website CelebVM.com has just launched a bespoke service that offers just that, a video message from your favourite celebrity saying what you want them to. And it doesn’t cost the earth, prices start from around $15 and go up to $100 and there are few Z listers on the books too.

With international stars such as David Hasselhoff available, and tons of TV stars, including Falling Skies actor Colin Cunningham, Games of Thrones star James Cosmo and Ian McElhinney, Power Rangers star Johnny Yong Bosch, Robert Beltran from Star Trek: Voyager, and voice over actor Vic Mignogna.


There are over 40 celebrities on CelebVM.com, and whilst you’ll probably not get the likes of Leonardo di Caprio, Robert de Niro or Ben Affleck voicing your video message for you, there are many high profile wrestlers on the site, including one-time Intercontinental Champion Rikishi, semi-retired Big Van Vader, WWF champion Tatanka, and ‘Curry Man’ Christopher Daniels.

The brains behind the celebrity message service say that they presume most of the videos will be for birthday wishes, anniversary congratulations, good luck for exams, or even the odd marriage proposal. But if there is something you can’t face telling that special person in your life, why not make it easier by getting one of the celebrities to do it for you? I mean, if you have an awkward message to relay to someone, imagine getting it from The Hoff!?


The service can literally be used to convey any kind of message, from ‘coming out’, to making up after years of not speaking, or letting a person know who isn’t aware that you are in love with them. So long as the message isn’t crude, anyone of the 40 stars on the CelebVM books will say more-or-less what you want them to.

However, as you would imagine, the more famous the star the higher the price, so while Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory child star Paris Themmen will cost you a relatively decent price of $15, The Hoff will set you back a hefty $100.


The service is simple enough, you sign up your celebrity, add your message and your video will be sent with ‘a few days to a few weeks’. However, the website does add a caveat in that, if your chosen celebrity is busy and cannot record your message in time, you can get a full refund.

CelebVM hopes to add to their celebrity base in the coming future, so perhaps that message from Leo isn’t too far away.

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