Want a cut price iPhone 5 or iPad? Head to Walmart!

If you are planning to treat yourself or a loved one to a brand new iPhone 5 or an iPad, but have been put off by the cost of purchasing, then you should be heading towards Walmart. The massive US superstore has drastically reduced prices of these devices, and many more, ahead of the much anticipated release of new Apple products next week.

Get the ipad you want on a rollback

Typically, these sort of price discounts are only normally seen around Black Friday, the super shopping bargain day that comes directly after Thanksgiving, but Walmart have decided to buck the trend in an effort to get more shoppers through their doors at this quieter period of the year.

So what bargains can we expect to get at Walmart?

Well, first up let’s look at smartphones. You’ve got the 16GB iPhone 5, usually priced at around $200, down from Walmart’s previous $129 and now reduced to $98. This is a contract phone however and to get this discount on the phone you do have to sign up for a 2 year contract to either AT&T, Verizon or Sprint.

Get iphone 5 on rollback

Then there is the iPhone 4S, which typically retails for around $100 on a contract, now reduced from Walmart’s first discounted price of $89 to an incredible $39.

Apple iPad

Walmart has also announced several fantastic deals on iPads and tablets. They have slashed $50 from the retail price of many iPads, including the Apple iPad 2 16GB with Wi-Fi, was $399.00 now $349.00, the Apple iPad with Retina Display 32GB with Wi-Fi, was $599.00 now $549.00, the Apple iPad with Retina Display 128GB with Wi-Fi, was $799.00 now $749.00 and the Apple iPad with Retina Display 64GB with Wi-Fi AT&T, was $829.00 now $779.00.

Apple mini iPads did not get a price discount however, and remain at their normal price of $330.

Apple iPhone

It is widely speculated that Walmart are hoping to cash in on their price reductions by pushing old stock ahead of Apple releasing their new products during the second week in September. And it is widely anticipated that the giant communications company will showcase new versions of their iPhones and iPads on Sept. 10.

There are other super store retailers who are also taking advantage of pushing out some old stock by offering price reductions of what will appear to be old models by the end of next week.

RadioShack are offering $50 off all iPhones, and this deal includes the popular iPhone4 and 4S, and you do not have to sign up to a lengthy contract in order to get the deal. Whilst T-Mobile have a deal where you can get the iPhone 5 for $149 but you have to sign up to a new two-year payment plan.

And if you have an old iPhone that you don’t want anymore, take it to Best Buy, who will give you $100 off the iPhone5 for your old iPhone.

Out of all these deals however, Walmart is definitely the one to watch, so check out their bargains by visiting their Walmart website.

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