Want Abs like Jessica Ennis but without the Exercise?

Wouldn’t we all! But a new magic patch is claiming to be able to give you just that, a washboard stomach but without all those gruelling trips to the gym, or hundreds of exhausting press ups. Jessica Ennis is the poster girl for the London 2012 Olympic Games as she won gold in the heptathlon event on Saturday, and everyone has been marvelling at her toned physique ever since. In a recent poll, the 26-year-old athlete’s abs were voted the most desirable in Britain and we can see why. But Jessica has put in thousands of hours of training to achieve a body that is so well defined and toned, how can we possibly hope to achieve one like that without doing the same?

Well, The Comfort Zone body strategist + abdomen patch claim exactly that, in that by placing their product on your stomach, you can achieve a flatter tummy in just one month. The way the magic patch works is that it is made up of suaeda maritime, which breaks down compound fats and lipids in the area. The patch is designed to combat fat using hydrogel technology and self-heating action. The body strategist + abdomen patches, which cost £44.25 for a pack of 6, should be applied against the stomach for one hour. Users are recommended to apply two a week, then one patch weekly for the last two weeks. You can optimise the results if you use the patches with a special gel.

The product is ideal as you can ‘wear’ it under clothing while you are performing general chores, or sitting at a work station. It is aimed for people who want to achieve a bikini type stomach before they go on holiday but do not have the time to spend hours in the gym, exercising to get into shape. Comfort Zone spokesperson, Victoria Trueman says, “Comfort Zone has everything covered for our beach fit body this Summer. The newly launched Body strategist + Abdomen Cream Gel and Patches are two innovative products that work perfectly together to tone and flatten the stomach. As you continue with your day to day activities, the products will be working hard to ensure that you are bikini ready in time for your holiday.”

For more information go to www.comfortzoneskincare.com

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