Want a Piece of Kate & William’s Royal Wedding Cake?

Normally I’d say no, thank you very much if someone offered me a piece of year old cake, and might even think they were a tad odd, wondering if they’d appeared recently on those Secret Hoarders programmes that seem to be springing up all over the show.

But mention Royal Wedding Cake and that it is a limited piece that was cut from Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding cake and you’ve got me reaching for the teapot and the digestives. The cake, which was designed for the Royal couple by Fiona Cairnes, had no less than eight separate layers, with over twelve different fruit cakes, iced in an ivory coloured royal (what else!) icing, each cake individually decorated with 17 varieties of 900 designs of intricate leaves and flowers.

The auction house – PFC Auctions – have started the bidding at £100 for this small, boxed piece of cake, but already, and with just two weeks of bidding still to go, the cake has reached a total of £1453.00. There are three bidders who are bidding against each other in their quest to get this piece of royal memorabilia, and you can visit the exact auction page on pfcauctions.com. The Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton took place on Friday 29th April 2011 and a slice of cake was presented to each of the 650 close friends and family who attended the afternoon reception at Buckingham Palace. This slice of cake is in the original presentation tin, which was commissioned and designed by Peter Windett and Sally Mangum. The tin measures 5½” x 4¼ x 2”.

The auction for this piece of cake also features the 16 page Order of Service from Westminster Abbey which includes the vows, hymns, prayers and Blessing from the Wedding and is accompanied by a printed compliments slip from Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall. As far as we know, this is believed to be the first piece of William and Kate’s wedding cake to appear at auction. The auction describes the cake as being ‘In fine condition’.

The Royal fruit cake, was offered to the online auction house PFC Auctions by an anonymous seller, and the bidders identities are also being kept anonymous. A spokesman from PFC Auctions said today: ‘This is a lovely piece of Royal memorabilia, and rarely seen on the market as these personal items are only gifted to close friends and family who attend the weddings.” Whilst Kylie Whitehead of PFC Auctions commented to The Sun newspaper, “We anticipate worldwide interest. We believe that this is the first piece of William and Kate’s wedding cake to appear at auction. … It’s a fantastic opportunity to own such a personal piece of memorabilia from the future king and queen.”

The auction runs from 3rd May to 24th May at www.pfcauctions.com and ends at 19:00:00 hours on 24th May 2012.

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