Want a body like Amy Childs’? Here’s how…

Before going in the Big Brother House, Amy Childs was all over our magazines and television programmes, whilst also the name on everyone’s lips. Since going in the house, this hasn’t changed, and she’s still one of the most talked about people.

Amy Childs

Amy Childs

In the press for something different each day, Amy is most recently featured for her toned body and good looks, something she is keen to help other people achieve. If you want a body like Amy Childs, then here’s how to get it, and seeing as she’s a qualified beautician, she knows exactly how to go about it:

A personal trainer – If it’s within your budget, a personal trainer is much better than going to the gym, as there’s someone to keep motivating when you’ve had enough or can’t be bothered to run on the treadmill anymore, for example. The time spent with a personal trainer will also be more worthwhile, as you’ll be concentrating harder on the task in hand, consequently losing weight faster. It’s advisable to have a personal trainer three times a week, in order to get the recommended amount of exercise.

A regular blow dry – Amy Childs swears by having her hair professionally blow dried 3 times a week- she wouldn’t be without it. It not only makes her feel good about herself, but it also allows the salon to keep an eye on the condition of her hair.

A regular spray tan – Amy Childs also won’t be seen without a fake tan. Although sometimes looking too orange, a tan is said to instantly make someone feel better about themselves. It’s probably better to have a spray tan than get one from a bottle, as there’s nothing worse than someone with a patchy tan.

Surgery – If there’s something you dislike about yourself, change it; that’s Amy’s advice. She’s already had her lips and boobs done, although she now says she’s at a point where she’s happy, so will refrain from having anything else done. Surgery can be extremely addictive, so it’s best to avoid having too much work done.

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