Wake Up To These Alarm Clocks And Start Your Day Better

Hammacher Schlemmer has some of the coolest items that you will ever see, and their Voice Interactive Alarm Radio is one of them. You may be asking what can possibly make an alarm clock or radio cool. Well for starters just like you listen to your alarm clock, this one listens to you as well. It is not that you will have a full out conversation with your alarm clock a la Knight Rider, but it actually understands commands. It is almost like having a well-trained alarm clock. You can even tell this alarm clock to set the alarm itself, and that takes away the button pushing that you have to usually do when setting the alarm. It recognizes a total of 44 commands including some for temperature, alarm sounds, time setting and others. If you ever received an alarm clock as a gift you are going to wish it was this one. It is a great gift for yourself or friends.

If you are part of the Apple products craze, then you may have an iPod. If you have an iPod and are looking at alarm clocks then you should take a look at the iHome Travel Alarm Clock for iPod. This alarm clock is designed specifically for the iPod and can help you wake up to some of your favorite music that is already in your collection. You do not have to worry about losing charge in your iPod because as you place it on the dock it is actually charging. Just set up the alarm and as soon as it goes off then you will have your music playing to wake you up. The only negative to this alarm clock is that the display is a bit small, so if it is a bit far from you then you may not be able to see the display as well.

If you are going to talk about great electronics that are fun to have you cannot leave out the Sharper Image. The EC-B115 Clock Radio by the Sharper Image has the Time Projection feature that is becoming more and more popular. The time is projected on your ceiling or on your wall which means that you do not have to squint to see the exact time on your alarm clock. If you want to look at the display, then do not worry, it is large enough that you cannot miss it. The snooze bar is large so you do not have a problem finding it even in a dark room. This is supposed to be a basic alarm clock, but if you will learn something about the Sharper Image let it be that there is nothing basic for them. The price is great and the features are better than most comparable alarm clocks.

Some people may decide against the more modern alarm clocks and give their bedroom a more classic look. That is where the Bulova Holgate Bedside Key Wind bell alarm clock comes in. It has an antique finish made of bronze for that look that you are going for. It does however have a couple of features that will help you that were not available in antique clocks. The hour and minute hands for example are luminous so you can see the time even in the dark. One thing that does not sound great about it is the key wind. If you do not wind it then you will not have an alarm clock. Some may find this a cute addition, but you have to make sure you do not forget it, or you may miss an important wake up alarm.

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