The virtual Gingerbread Hotel that’s raising money for New York’s homeless

It’s certainly a sweet idea and looks good enough to eat, but three sugary holiday homes are helping to raise money over Christmas for one of New York’s largest charities.

The Gingerbread B’n’B vacationing homes

The Gingerbread B’n’B vacationing homes are the brainchild of American advertising agency McKinney, who have created a cool cosy campervan, a modern home and rustic Alpine cabin.


Guests can pay for virtual stays and all the money will go towards the Robin Hood charity which provides shelter for the homeless, an extremely important cause, especially at this time of year.  The three vacationing homes are available to rent at different prices and range from $5 a night for a bed in the campervan, $10 per night for the rustic Arctic cabin and $20 for the modern mansion.


The Gingerbread B’n’B site states that ‘every $100 raised provides a homeless family with shelter’, through the work of the Robin Hood charity.  Paying guests can choose the number of nights and how many people stay in the gingerbread properties, and can even buy a stay as a gift for family or friends.


As with a bona-fide renting agency, the wording on the website reads exactly like you would expect, with stats and facts about the property and what is allowed and what is not.


The modern mansion comes complete with a sugar-glass pool and features a frosted stucco exterior with a fully stocked gummy bar and a piece of priceless chocolate drip art alongside fruit roll yoga mats for the health conscious.


The rustic cabin is situated within candy rocky mountains and was handcrafted using reclaimed 19th century gingerbread. Features include a candy corn fire complete with natural trail mix fireplace, a fully operational kitchen with graham cracker countertops and a Bavarian-style gingerfather clock.


Finally, the campervan comes fully stocked with sugary amenities and features a stainless-sugar kitchen with ginger-bunk beds and a fully stocked macaroon fridge.

House Rules

There are of course house rules that you have to abide by, such as no jumping in the sugar-glass pool, don’t eat the chocolate artwork and no smoking candy cigarettes. The proprietors do allow gummy pets and children (no sour ones) and guests are asked to bring their own meals to prevent them eating the walls.


And if you are worried about allergies there’s no need, as the modern mansion is made from gluten-free gingerbread and locally sourced candy cane.


The Gingerbread Project Achievements

So far the Gingerbread project has helped 28 families in the New York area with 329 people booking stays in the virtual properties. But with more than 58,000 people seeking shelter every night in New York City, they still need vacationers to book a stay in one of their sugary homes.


The Robin Hood charity state that the statistics show there are around 12,000 families with over 25,000 children that are homeless every night in the NYC area.


Founded in 1988, they have raised more than $1.95 billion in dollars, goods and services to provide soup kitchens, homeless shelters, schools, job-training programs and other services to help New York’s neediest citizens get the tools they need.

To book your virtual stay visit Gingerbreadbnb.com

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