Victoria Beckham Reinvents Wellington Boot in New 2013 Collection

Well, what can you say about the new Victoria Beckham collection, unveiled yesterday morning on the New York cat walks? The dresses are okay, nothing really amazing or outstanding there to report, some cute tennis dresses which, to be honest, are a little out of season, wouldn’t they be better as a Spring or Summer range and not Fall? But there are some good designs, the cut away dresses filled in with pretty lace are sure to become a celebrity favourite and statement piece, but what everyone is talking about is Ms Beckham’s attempt to re invent the Wellington Boot into a mis match of a flip flop and wellie! These boots, which end just under the knee, seem to be made from an unknown plastic and come in a putrid nude colour I call ‘cadaver pink’. Goodness only knows how the mere mortal that is the A List Hollywood celebrity is supposed to be able to pull this look off and still remain sexy?! These boots look like they are having a personality crisis and cannot make up their mind whether they want to be a pair of flip flops, or a cheap plastic pair of wellies. Either way, it doesn’t work for me. Which is a shame as we love Victoria Beckham on this site.While we do love the simpler dresses, the all in one black cocktail dress is very stylish and flattering, plus the dresses that come in either white or black are a great design and again, will flatter most figures this side of a size eight, the rest of her collection appears to be thrown together as if it is a mis match of styles that were an experiment to see if they would go together, and unfortunately they do not. The red jacket and skirt combo for instance, check out how high up the jacket falls and then see if you would team this with the skirt that juts out at such an acute angle and is so short. Whilst a white dress looks like a plain white shirt has been stuck on a gym skirt. And none of these are particularly flattering to women, which is what Victoria did so well. As for colour, why is she using so much black and white in a season which screams out – look at nature and every other designer is going for plum and berry shades? I’m not saying she should run with the pack but there is a time and place for monochrome and Fall is not it. Although this is her Spring and Summer Collection for 2013, we are not in those seasons now and she should either not release details until nearer the time, or do as other designers do and wait until the proper season is upon us before she reveals her collections.But I wouldn’t listen to my ramblings as according to Ladbrokes, Victoria Beckham is set to pick up an award this week, as she is the 2/1 favourite to take home the Red Carpet Award at this year’s British Fashion Awards. Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes says, “Beckham has repeatedly silenced her critics and the odds suggest she’ll do the same at this year’s British Fashion Awards.” She faces some pretty stiff competition from Stella McCartney, who has been given odds of 3/1 and was awarded the honour last year. Meanwhile Roksanda Ilincic is also in the running with odds off 4/1, while Alessandra Rich has a 5/1 chance of taking home the award, which is probably due to the fact that the Duchess of Cambridge wore her Peridot dress twice over the summer. In attendance for the cat walk fashion show was loyal husband David, who watched from his front seat of the New York Public Library where the show was held. After the show baby Harper Seven was treated to lunch at New York’s trendy Balthazar restaurant.

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