Victoria Beckham launches New Capsule Range for Net a Porter.

We love Ms Beckham, here at Shoppersbase, we really do.  As you can probably tell we have already featured most of her new collections throughout her designer career. And we are not the only ones, as celebrities and women of a certain salary bracket have been snapping up her creations, ever since she started knocking them out a few seasons ago. With her cutesy girlie baby doll dresses of last season, coupled with some striking silhouette dresses this year, Ms Beckham really does know how to dress a lady.

This week she has been tweeting madly, as all celebrities do with something to promote, to let us see a few staples from a capsule range she has designed for her Victoria, Victoria Beckham range at Net a Porter. Giving a sneaky preview last week of a dress or two, it was only revealed today the extent of the range which are now online to buy. The ex Spice Girls singer posed in a pair of fluffy slippers, holding one of the dresses in her clutches, with a rack behind her, just out of sight, the saucy minx!

Now we can see exactly what she has been designing and whether we like them or not. I have to say I did rather prefer her silhouette dresses that really flattered a woman’s figure. These smock type clothes with the dropped waists are so not easy to wear, not that I would be able to afford the still hefty price tag of £355 up to £730.

The range is being described as ‘trans-seasonal’ which I guess means that Victoria can fit as many seasons as she wishes into the collection. The colours are a little muted too, with a couple of nudes, a really dated emerald-green and a washed out beige. Not what I was expecting after her last collection, which was truly an eye opener and showed her to be a real contender in the fashion designer stakes.

Apparently the line of clothing, which only include the six dresses, although offers something completely different to the main collections which I do agree, I just do not know if they are inspiring enough or even wearable. The navy dress looks like it could hang in a sporting clothes shop and not be recognised as a Victoria Beckham design, which is surely what you want if you are paying that much money, whilst the emerald and black dress looks like something fell out of the 80’s by mistake, it’s really awful!

We all know that there is a recession still on you know and £730 quid is a lot of cash for one plain old dress which is how I would describe the majority of them. Sorry VB but I do not think this is your best collection, far from it. Although the shapes are classic, they offer nothing new and if this was a project I’d say ‘Could do better, and has done.’

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