Victoria Beckham Beauty: These are the Top Products in the Collection

After her highly successful collaboration with Estée Lauder, Victoria Beckham has decided to go it alone. VB has now launched her Victoria Beckham Beauty brand which focuses on luxury ingredients that are clean, cruelty-free, affordable and created by women.

The beauty brand is designed to be sustainable. Wherever possible Victoria uses plastic-free packaging, recycled materials and even has a recycling guide on her website where customers can see what can be recycled and how to do it.

None of her beauty products contain nasty chemicals and she never tests on animals. What we love the most is that every aspect of this beauty brand has been considered. From the raw ingredients, the environment, the actual products themselves and the quality. Not only that, but Victoria doesn’t make out that she knows everything. She says the brand isn’t perfect but they are constantly evolving. She takes advice from top experts in sustainability, science and technology in order to make better products. What a role model. We love her and so do her customers. The majority give her top marks of 5 stars for products.

Here is our pick of her collection:

Smoky Eye Brick Eye Shadow in Tuxedo: £48.00

Victoria Beckham Beauty

This eye shadow palette will become one of your go-to favourites in no time. Inspired by Victoria’s own signature smoky eye look, you get four shades that are essential to create your own smoky eye look.

Smoky Eye Brick in Royal: £48.00

Victoria Beckham Beauty

Everywhere you look, blue eye shadow is making a comeback. This palette features four gorgeous colours, including a denim blue and an electric blue.

Lid Lustre in Onyx: £28.00

Victoria Beckham BeautyNow you have chosen your eye shadow palette it is time to add a touch of glamour. This highly pigmented glittery shadow not only gives you a gorgeous sheen but each colour is infused with crushed crystals designed for health and wellbeing.

Lid Lustre in Mink: £28.00

Victoria Beckham BeautyThis is our favourite of all the Victoria Beckham Beauty products. So useable and the colour goes with everything. This one is infused with Tiger’s Eye which is known to give courage.

Satin Kajal Liner in Black: £20.00

Victoria Beckham BeautyThis is a super soft and creamy eye liner that goes on easily and allows you to achieve many different looks. From a sexy feline flick to that signature smoky eye that Victoria loves. Available in black, gold and a reddish colour.


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