Victoria Beckham Auctions Her Wardrobe for Africa Charity

If you’ve ever coveted an item from Victoria Beckham’s designer range then listen up, for the skinny minny is giving her fashionista fans a chance to bag an item of her clothing, for a bargain price. Victoria is auctioning off around 600 pieces from her very own wardrobe, and best of all, it’s for charity ladies, so you can feel good about that few hundred quid you’ve splashed out.

Antonio Berardi dress - worn with Tom Cruise to see Katie Holmes in a play

Antonio Berardi dress – worn with Tom Cruise to see Katie Holmes in a play

The canny singer turned designer decided to offer up hundreds of her own items of clothing after a visit to South Africa, following an invite from Vogue editor Anna Wintour and American Vogue. There she met the charity founder of mothers2mothers (m2m) Dr. Mitch Besser. This charity aims to increase the amount of ‘mentor mothers’, women who help to educate and empower mothers living with HIV. The charity hopes that the lives and health of these women can be improved, and it seems that our Victoria was so impressed and moved, that she herself wanted to help:

“After spending just a few days with these remarkable women and learning more about the charity from Mitch, and his lovely wife Annie Lennox, I wanted to do as much as I could. It really was a life-changing experience; I’ve never experienced anything like it,” she told Grazia magazine.

Roland Mouret - worn out shopping in New York

Roland Mouret – worn out shopping in New York

Victoria used her celebrity status and connections with Hollywood stars to not only raise awareness of the charity, but to help raise money as well:

“I have never met such strong women in my entire life. The work they are doing is nothing short of absolutely remarkable.”

When it came to choosing which pieces went into the auction and which didn’t, Victoria asked her mother and sister to help her. The trio had a lot of fun when they went back in time and recalled some fun days with the Spice Girls, and nights out her husband – David:

“I laughed a lot when we were going through my wardrobe as the pieces hold so many happy memories for me, David and the children. A lot of the clothes have been specially designed for me by the most talented designers and I’ve loved wearing them, however I now feel it’s someone else’s turn to enjoy them,” she said.

Roberto Cavalli dress worn to pre World Cup party in 2006

Roberto Cavalli dress worn to pre World Cup party in 2006

But of course, Victoria was never going to stick her frocks on ebay, she needed a much more high class site to sell her designer clothes on, hence a call to Net-a-Porter, the luxury online selling website:

“We approached The Outnet, part of The Net-a-Porter Group, as they have an incredible global reputation and are the perfect partner for us to build awareness and raise as much money as possible for mothers2mothers.”

But interested ladies should not worry if they think that they are going to be priced out of the auction, as lovely Victoria has already thought of that, and included a ‘reverse auction’ for ten of her pieces. This means that the person who comes up with the exact price for an item will win, with the bidding getting less and less with each bid.

A spokesperson for The Outnet said: “We are thrilled to be working with Victoria Beckham and her team on this very exciting charity event. From the start, The Outnet has defined itself by its strong relationships and collaborations with designers in luxury fashion and we are confident we can draw an enormous amount of interest for these iconic items and raise awareness for mothers2mothers.”

Alexander McQueen dress worn with David

Alexander McQueen dress worn with David

Whilst Dr. Mitch Besser commented: “We are honored and extremely grateful to Victoria Beckham and The Outnet for their very generous support of mothers2mothers. The funds that are raised will help mothers2mothers’ Mentor Mothers reach even more HIV-positive mothers with critical health education and support, to stay healthy and protect their babies from HIV infection.

HIV infections in children and maternal and infant deaths from AIDS are unnecessary and unacceptable. With the right education and empowerment, no baby should ever be born with HIV and no mother should die of AIDS. I’m sure everyone will have lots of fun shopping such a fashion treasure trove, and we’d like to thank those who do for joining us to eliminate HIV/AIDS in children and keep their mothers alive.”

Louis Feraud dress worn at Chanel Spring/Summer runway show in Paris 2008

Louis Feraud dress worn at Chanel Spring/Summer runway show in Paris 2008

To have a chance of bidding on one of Victoria Beckham’s items of clothing, you must register online here from August 5th 2014.

The auction will take place online here between August 20th to 25th 2014.

Images courtesy The Outnet.

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