Vichy LiftActiv: A Rival to Olay’s Anti Wrinkle Cream?

Vichy has at long last launched its new face cream with adverts taking up prime time slots all over main stream television, but is it any good and will it ever rival the sensational debut of Olay’s ‘Botox in a Bottle’ Anti Wrinkle cream? The cream has taken 10 years of research to produce and is being hailed as the first scientifically-proven anti-ageing cream after testing on over 400 women was completed. LiftActiv Derm Source contains a chemical from tropical flower which is said to actively regenerate skin, making it feel plumper and more elastic. Rhamnose, from the Uncaria flower, nicknamed cat claw, is a sugar compound which once incorporated into the cream is thought to stimulate cells into producing collagen, the main component of connective tissues such as skin.

It is thought that Vichy worked closely with the pharmaceutical industry to create this new generation of skin treatments which use research knowledge in an attempt to produce a better range of anti ageing skin care regimes. Computer software was used to source thousands of natural chemicals to see if they could penetrate the outer waterproof layer of skin. They were then tested to see if they stimulated a specific type of skin cell that promotes healthy collagen growth. Thus the duel effects of rhamnose were discovered and the chemical underwent human trials. It is known that most creams tend to sit on the outer layer of skin and as such would have little effect on the inner layers, let alone produce any kind of regrowth.

Vichy says that it is the superficial dermis that holds the secret to younger looking skin as it is here that natural renewal of collagen fibres takes place. The unique formula in LiftActiv helps to stimulate cell activity in this area as it can actually penetrate through the waterproof layer of skin and once it is in this layer it then goes on to promote healthy collagen growth. It is thought that VICHY is the first cosmetic company to identify the important role of this particular layer of skin in protecting skin’s youthfulness. Perhaps it is time to give cosmetic surgery a miss and try this cream instead!

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