Versace Launches H&M Cruise Collection

For those of you who missed out on Versace’s first collection for H&M in November 2011, which featured some of their bravest and bold creations in bright colours and textures, fear not. For not only did some of the sold out collection turn up on ebay, at noticeably higher prices it has to be said, but in an effort to appease their customers, H&M released another load of stock which was only available online. This meant that the greedy swines who bought up the clothes, merely to make a profit lost out and the genuine customers, who failed to grab one of their most wanted pieces, could still buy one.

It took months of collaboration with Versace and the high-street store H&M before the collection was unveiled and word on the street was that customers loved the new brighter clothes, especially Versace fans. Now Versace are launching a second line with H&M called the Versace for H&M Cruise Collection, and ahead of the launch, the Swedish retailer has released these new images from the range, due for public release and available to buy on January 19th.

The new collection appears to be true to its name of ‘Cruise’, and judging by the sneaky preview we have managed to get you, our readers, it is full of fruit-printed hot pants, bikinis and shoes, all designed to be worn as cruise wear.  Be mindful though, as apart from in its concession in Selfridges, this range is not to be sold in stores, but exclusively online. So you do not need to camp outside this time in order to buy your favourite piece, just get up early and make sure your pc is on and ready to go! Hopefully the site won’t crash through overuse and you’ll get what you came for, or what you logged on for.

The new collection feature petty little sun dresses with funky prints on them, string mini bikinis, gold platform shoes, cute little strappy tops and trousers with gold trim. There is also a totally revamped range for men which includes t shirts, bath robes, cardigans, tops, shorts and briefs. It also features a new jewellery range with the iconic Versace signature symbol on it, as do the clothing range. To find out more visit here.

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