Verameat: Weird & Wonderful Jewelry

“Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves. I prefer to wear my brain around my neck.” Verameat’s jewelry range has Hollywood’s more quirky actors and actresses all aglow. These now cult-favorite jewels have charmed everyone from the incomparable Tilda Swinton to funny lady Amy Sedaris to reality star Khloe Kardashian to pop star Aaron Carter. From spine bracelets and earrings, to brain pendants, baby face studs to W.T.F. charms, all of Vera’s jewelry are made and created from the finest and ecologically sound recycled silver and 14k gold. And these charms and quirky-cool adornments are seriously worth saving for that special occasion when only a double headed T Rex necklace will do. I mean, if Tilda Swinton loves them, who are we to argue?

Amy Sedaris, Zach Galifianakis, Khloe Kardashian and Aaron Carter

Here are some of Verameat’s more iconic and weird and wonderful jewels.

Two Headed T Rex – $110

Two much of a good thing? Never! Not in T-Rex or Dinasaur Jr. bands or this little two headed Dino eating a Zombie arm, more will be enjoyed more. This very detailed double headed T Rex will throw you double winks all day!

Spine Hoops – $98

Ever wanted a detailed pair of spines dangling from your ears? Well now you are in luck. Verameat’s uncannily accurate bone tingling spines will be a surefire talking point,w hen you explain to your chums what they are exactly.

Claw Bracelet Hugs – from $140

Yay it’s here the claw bracelet which is super cute & fierce! Goes really well with our Claw Hugs Ring & Claw necklace! Super detailed fun bracelet makes a rad gift! Available in Gold Brass, Sterling Silver or 14k GOLD.

Brains of Steel – from $90

For all the brainiac goddesses or gods in your life. Looks like a cute almond shape but on further inspection is a rad detailed brain. For you or your brainiest pals. If you know you got it why not flaunt that special muscle! Great conversation item & yet if you ask Anthony Hopkins delicious in an airplane :)

Bull Dog Ring a Ding – from $150

This cutie with his tongue out wants to lick you on the daily! Great as a gift for the pet obsessed like myself! Very detailed bull doggie with a simple band. An iconic Verameat ring.

Yes Dear! – from $48

A beautiful doting deer to listen to your tall tales & hang out with you during your day. Pet your little bit of sparkle to lighten up your day! Available in gold brass, red copper or silver.

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