Various Types of Travel Insurance

Travel InsuranceThere is so much adventure in travelling especially if you are the type that knows how to have fun. I love travelling at night as there is so much calmness and the atmosphere is so beautiful.

Traveling sometimes can turn out to be a disaster. One might get sick in another country and end up being in so much debt because such an eventuality was not planned for. Some countries have reciprocal healthcare facilities while others have not.

This means that, if I get sick in a certain country, I get free medical care, just like any citizen who lives in that country. The UK and Australia have reciprocal healthcare facilities but there exists none between the UK and the US.

One may lose his personal belongings such as passports, luggage or money. Some business men may lose a lot of money due to delayed or cancelled flights if they can’t make it to an important business meeting.

With all these potential expenses, one has no alternative than to have a comprehensive travel insurance cover that will cushion him from the unexpected. Your travel insurance should be such that it covers all the possible expenses that you may incur while traveling.

In the UK, it is estimated that people are overspending on travel insurance than they are supposed to.

Why is that? People who are not familiar with different insurance policies tend to buy the one offered by their bank without evaluating different options first, when requesting different quotes could help them bring down the cost of their insurance policy quite significantly.

Most traveling individuals leave such an important job with their trusted traveling agents that I am sure know very little about their clients.

There are over 500 travel insurance companies in the UK, so one can check online the different companies and what they have to offer.

With the travel insurance market wide open in the UK, there are many types of covers. Some include;

  • Annual or single trip travel insurance – Single trip travel insurance covers one for only one holiday in a year while annual trip insurance covers one for several holidays during the year. The latter is twice as expensive as the former, but is no doubt the best option for you if you are a frequent traveler.
  • Family travel insurance – This type of insurance covers the whole family instead of taking individual cover for each of them. It’s also cheaper.
  • Business travel insurance – This is more of annual travel insurance since a business person has to travel throughout the year. The insurance covers some expensive office equipment such as iPads, laptops, and notebooks. Some policies include colleague replacement cover in case one takes your place in the event you get sick.
  • Over 65s travel insurance – It’s very rare to find insurance companies coming up with policies to cover the ‘higher risk’ category but some companies do offer this option. Mainly, they offer emergence and medical services

The best travel insurance must not necessarily be expensive, so focus on finding one that protects you comprehensively.

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