Utility Room Solutions

Whether you have a utility room or not can make a big difference to your life. A noisy kitchen, especially one attached to the living space in your home, can render TV-watching or even relaxing properly impossible. But what can you do if your home doesn’t have a utility room attached? Surprisingly much! Read on for some ideas about organising a utility space when your home hasn’t got one.

If you have a galley kitchen, like mine, you can wall off the end and make a small utility room. Simply build a stud wall that closes off enough of the room to allow your washing machine and dryer to sit behind it. It will cut into the space in your kitchen, but at the same time it can make a huge difference in terms of the amount of noise you have to put up with. You’ll also be able to fill the space formerly occupied by your washer and dryer with cupboard space, allowing you to make up for some of the space lost, and the other side of your little utility space can be shelved and serve as a dry pantry.

A cupboard under the stairs could serve as a lovely little laundry space. Not very roomy, of course, but if you pile the dryer on top of the washer and can manage to get the required water and drainage in there, it will allow you to eliminate a large portion of the noise involved in running a washing machine and a dryer. A vent in the door will let some of the noise out, but could also allow you to cut out some of your heating bills as your dryer will fill the cupboard with warm air.

Finally, your basement or garage, if provided with the required water supply and drainage facilities, could turn into an ideal laundry room. This option can be a bit more roundabout as you’ll have to go out of your way to do the laundry, but it can also provide a wonderful way for you to do your laundry without needing to listen to the rattle of a spin cycle or have a sauna for a kitchen after the dryer has heated it up. A spacious basement can also have a washing line to hang-dry clothing and a garage can be conveniently close to the washing line outdoors. In these cases it can also be a lot easier to put in a work surface on which you can fold and sort clothing as basements and garages tend to offer more space than kitchens or small out-of-the-way laundry areas.

Utility rooms are a wonderful bonus, but if your home wasn’t blessed with one you can still enjoy a separate laundry space if you employ some creativity and consider all the available options.

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