Using Social Media to Market your Business

It is very imprudent to ignore the impact social media such as Twitter and Facebook are having on society. More and more people are connecting via social media and it has become a part of everyday life. Many people use social media in their personal lives but ignore it for their businesses.

This means that many businesses lose out on a fun and free way to interact with their client base. Keeping social media updated need not be an arduous task – applications such as Hoot suite and Tweet deck allow you to update several social media platforms at once and so you can manage several social media accounts with ease. These applications usually also have built in features that allow you to schedule your posts so you could set up a series of posts and schedule them to be released at different intervals in the future. Marketing through social media is an innovative way to market. There are a few simple rules that will make you successful, though:

1) Make sure that your posts are not spam. You do not want to send a deluge of posts that clutter up your followers’ walls – they will eventually be ignored. Aim to post about once or twice a week.

2) Make the information you send out useful. Yes, it is great to advertise a sale but you should ensure that your customer gets non-sales related info from you as well. This makes them feel as though you care and stops them feeling as though you are just trying to sell them something.

3) Be careful what you post to your page – especially important if replying to client complaints. Do not ignore or delete complaints out of hand, address them and use it as an opportunity to build a good reputation. A company that has only rosy comments on its Facebook page may seem a little too good to be true but a company that has some complaints, properly dealt with seems realistic. By the same token, posting foul language or offensive comments reflects very poorly on your business.

4) Give your clients the opportunity to post images and comments to your Facebook wall – people respond better to word of mouth recommendations and photos of actual people using your product or enjoying themselves at your premises is a great way to give that message. There is a lot more to be said about social media marketing but the main thing is to make sure that you are not missing out on this great tool. Get your Facebook page set up today.

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