Using Edible Flowers to Decorate your Wedding Cake

Just like almost every other detail of their wedding, the wedding cake Kate and Wills had started a new and fashionable trend. The use of a simple icing combined with fresh, edible flowers created a really simple but effective statement.  Of course, you might not need an eight-tiered wedding cake like the royal couple did, but you might have yours decorated with edible flowers as well.

It appears that the flowers chosen by Kate Middleton had a symbolic meaning which the Duchess of Cambridge kept secret. If you and your partner have one or more favourite flowers, you might want to have your wedding cake decorated with many sugar-paste flowers that resemble your favourite ones.

Sugar paste or gum paste can be used to make a wide variety of flowers, including Roses,  Lilies, Freesias, Rose buds, Lisianthus, Agapanthus, Eucalyptus and Lavender. Just remember that sugar paste flowers are very delicate and fragile, so you might want to hire a local baker instead of having your cake delivered from the best patisserie inParisorMilan, unless you live there.

Using fresh flowers to decorate baking is nothing unusual. In fact, many brides would rather surprise their guests with a very simply designed square cake which is simply decorated with fresh roses and a ribbon than spend a fortune on a four-layer cake embellished with hundreds of sugar-paste flowers. The cake was simple and elegant and made quite an impact. If you are making your own wedding cake, consider using fresh flowers to save time.

Be very careful, though, to ensure that the flowers are edible and do not have a strong flavour as this can impact the flavour of the icing. Also bear in mind that, unless the flowers are removed before the cake is cut they will impart their flavour to the cake as well. Generally speaking, flowers of herbal plants are safe to use. These include: Roses, Lavender, Violets, Nasturtiums and Rosemary. (Lavender and Rosemary are strongly flavoured but make lovely displays.) You really have two choices available to you – fresh flowers or crystallised ones. The crystallised flowers take a bit more effort but taste much sweeter and can be placed on the cake a few hours before the wedding. Fresh flowers should be placed on the cake as close to the reception time as possible.

It is advisable to ice the cake first and allow the icing to set completely. Your icing should be fairly plain and complement the colour of the flowers. You might even want to accent the fresh flowers by adding some piped ones. Plan your design ahead of time. Consider a couple of practise runs on paper beforehand. When it comes to assembling the flowers on the top of the cake, arrange them according to your design but do not be completely rigid – work with the flowers you have in order to make the cake look as beautiful as possible.

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