Using browns in your living room décor

Brown home decor

Brown home decor

Are you one among those who love chocolate? Now you can immerse yourself to a great extent in deep chocolate hues that look terrific with a wide variety of other colors for your home décor! You can coordinate the brown look into a completely sophisticated and lovely color scheme. You can blend that yummy brown with shades such as crisp white, warm caramels, golden yellows, fern greens and barn reds! Elegant and formal living room furniture is the dream of most of us. Such a living room is apt for formal conversations as well as for everyday life. Deciding the room’s general motif is the key to create a comfortable living space. You should go for yourself and explore the new world of designs, styles and fabrics available in the market that can add splendour to every part of your home!

An important aspect that can enhance the look of your furniture and typical living room is the fabric. You can choose from a wide spectrum of fabric attributes namely furnishing fabric, embroidered fabric, yarn, water-repellent fabrics, flame-retardant fabrics, ready-mades, velvets, wallpapers etc. to name a few. You can make cotton cloth look sophisticated and elegant as long as it is very rich and deep chocolate or tan. The designs available in the market are in both contemporary as well as international styles, leaving you with much variety and class to choose from! Whether it’s a brown rug or your simple off-white rug teamed with cushions in brown, it is indeed adding a classy look to your living room. This will not only embrace comfort but also look very welcoming for your guests. This will completely revolutionize the simple look of your living room indeed! You can have some photos in brown color to change and improve the look of your living space. Choose rugs and carpets in brown color or brown color along with off-white and cream to add some charm to your home décor. To make your room appear wider, you can try a brown box patterned carpet or a Catalina black brown rug. These colors not only look classy but also your chocolaty furniture won’t get very dirty. You can team up the brown color with contrasting amounts of light neutral hues. Colors such as straw yellow, golden sand, bright white, pale grey look wonders with brown.

Leather is the perfect fabric for a chocolaty color scheme. It looks rich and deep, thereby adding both style and comfort to your living area. You can also try incorporating these hues on the ceiling, walls, cabinets etc. to give a cozy look. However, don’t overdo the brown as it will give a closing effect being a dark shade. You can base your color scheme with only one fabric, preferable a print that can incorporate a number of colors. There are paints and techniques available in the market now-a-days to bring suede look to the walls, whether it is a power room or even your kitchen! Other fabrics that can be used are corduroy, shiny silk and velvet which look very rich indeed! Blended with golden damsels, bouillon fringe and cording, it adds depth to the texture. Try and keep your background light and focus on the furniture. You can also add some brown touching to the neutral window coverings, with rows of trims, borders, stripes, checks or banding.    

You can also make it look more natural with some plants around in the living area. For those of you who don’t get time to maintain the plants or don’t prefer plants inside the house, you can try with the plastic ones. You can simply go with the large leaves in fern green or even go with the flowers in bright and bold colors such as yellow, fuchsia etc. You can have some natural dried accessories such as a rattan, wicker, bamboo pieces, dried flower arrangement and a base of curly willow branches etc. to avoid a completely heavy look. You can also experiment with ceramic tile and natural stone floors which are perfect from brown schemes.  

This way indeed you can have a complete make-over to your house which isn’t very heavy on the pocket yet making your house completely revolutionized and chocolaty!    

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