Use Dieting as a Bonding Exercise

It is a well-documented fact that dieters with a good support system find it easier to lose weight. It is easier to diet if your partner goes on diet at the same time. Weight loss is best achieved through setting attainable goals, following a healthy eating plan and exercising and all these activities are much easier if your partner is involved as well.

Healthy Eating – How to Get Started

You probably already know how to eat properly. The media is full of advice and tips on how to eat properly. It is in applying those principles that you find difficulties. Should you and your partner decide to start dieting, keep in mind that you have different metabolism. Before deciding on a diet, you need to establish your Basal Metabolic Rate – this is the very least amount of calories that your body needs to run, assuming that you do not exercise. A healthy weight loss to aim for is half a pound a week and this is going to mean using up five hundred calories a day more than you take in.

Enjoy Healthy Eating

In order to motivate yourselves to lose weight, why not have a fun weight-loss competition with each other? Expand on this idea by competing against other couples who want to lose weight as well. Be sure to work out the results on percentage of weight loss, not actual weight loss though. Make prizes fun and keep the competition light. Healthy eating need not be boring. Try different ways to prepare and present food and make it an activity you do together. Enjoy the time together and make the focus your relationship and not the food you are eating. Try doing a cooking course and have fun picnics.


Make exercise fun by exercising together. Start out slowly by going on walks and make sure that you both enjoy the activity. Try to think of different ways to get exercise – go dancing, hiking, or swimming together rather than just hitting the gym. Have fun as a family and as a community and organise some of the old kind of sports days. Have fun events like egg and spoon races, etc just like you used to have at school.

Have Something to Aim for

You need to have targets to aim for as a couple. Make sure that these are attainable and reasonable. You could make specific weight loss goals or exercise goals. Perhaps you should sign up for a fun run or walk. Train together and make sure that you regularly review you results as a couple. In the end, the couple that play together, stay together and losing weight can be a much easier experience if both of you get involved.

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