Upright Exercise Bikes – Make Exercise Convenient

If you need a very basic upright bike then a Schwinn A10 Upright Bike may be for you. It does not have all the features that the more expensive exercise bikes have, but it can give you a good workout and for the price it is actually very good. The seat position is that of a racing bike like the ones that they use in the tour, and putting it together is fairly simple. It has different resistance levels for different fitness goals and the display tells you all that you need to know about your workout.

There are two things to think about before you purchase this bike though. The position as stated before is that of a racing bike and some people may find that a bit uncomfortable; the other thing is stability. Though you will not fall from your bike and the balance is great it does not feel as stable as it actually is. When you reach a certain speed it may feel as if it is wobbling. It is great for the price, but you should consider the two things mentioned, if they do not bother you then it is a great buy.

The Smooth Fitness V2300 Elliptical Bike is one of the best buys for people looking for an upright exercise bike. It is comfortable and stable and if you have the room you simply can’t go wrong. The display gives you a great amount of information and it seems that no matter the distance of your seat and how you adjust it you can see the display perfectly. The Smooth Fitness V2300 Elliptical Bike also allows you to challenge yourself. You do not have one or two settings; it has a total of seven. Transitions are smooth and you can change workouts without much noise or difficulty. Another great feature is the wireless heart monitor. Wireless means that you can work out without worrying about pulling a wire or having other mechanical issues pop up. This bike is definitely a buy and a wonderful way to get an exercise program started.

Gold’s Gym does not disappoint with the Gold’s Gym Power Cycle 290. They seem to have thought of everything when building this upright bike. The Gold’s Gym Power Cycle 290 is equipped with iFit, music port for your iPod, self-leveling pedals and stability that you should feel with upright bikes. A feature that most people will find extremely helpful is the workout fan. The system is called CoolAire and as long as you are working out the fan is too; it keeps you cool longer which in turn makes your workout last enough to make your workout that much more effective. You should consider that this bike has many pluses and that means one thing, it will consume battery power. When you buy this bike you should always keep batteries handy to keep it giving you all that it can give you.

Nordic Track is probably the most recognized name in exercise equipment, andthe GX 2.0 Exercise Bike is in line with NordicTrack quality. Though the GX 2.0 is not one of the top line bikes made by the company, NordicTrack seems to enjoy giving its customers the most for their money. The seat is comfortable and that can be the difference in the length of your workout. The more comfortable you are, the longer you can work out. You can plug both, an iPod or an MP3 player to keep you motivated when working out. The display will keep track of calories burnt, distance, speed and others. Not a bad combination of features for what is supposed to be a basic bike.

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