Update Your Handbag with Winter Essentials

Winter is on its way, and the colder, wetter weather has truly arrived. But had you considered that your handbag needs to be updated so you can carry winter essentials along with you? Read on to find out what needs to be thrown out and what can carry on throughout.

Lipstick is one of the all-time favourite handbag essentials. But with the cold weather on the way, it’s time to think of your lips’ well-being as well as thinking of how they look. Chapped lips won’t look nice, no matter how much lipgloss, -tint or –stick you slather on.

But a tinted chapstick, or one of Burt’s Bees’ tinted wax glosses can really make a difference by providing both a hint of colour and an ongoing care. Even the cheap Nivea ones can be found with a hint of rose and you’ll be able to keep your lips healthy and pretty at the same time.

If you have serious issues or suffer from angular cheilitis (where the corners of your mouth become injured and inflamed, and often pull themselves open again before being able to heal) you can rely on a simple, plain petroleum jelly. Vaseline and other brands sell small pots of this stuff, and again Nivea have a range, too. These can simply be secreted into your handbag, to be applied when you need them.

A more intensive moisturiser for your face and hands may also be required. You need something thicker and richer to ensure your skin doesn’t suffer at the hands of either the cold or the dryer air inside, caused by the heating which will be on more regularly as the cold really sets in. As you’ll be experiencing greater differences in temperature as you change from colder to warmer environments with varying moisture levels, you need to carry this moisturiser with you at all times. A small tube or jar thereof in your handbag will see to this need easily.

Gloves are easy enough, and magic gloves can easily fit into your handbag without taking up too much room. However, for times when your hands are really frozen, why not carry along some hand-warmers? They are cheap and easy to use, and you can keep them in a side pocket where they will take up little room.

If you, like me, hate gloves, consider the half-mittens half-fingerless gloves which allow you to wear fingerless gloves until and unless you find it hard to keep warm; you then pull the mitten-flap over them and keep them nice and warm until the sense of having your fingers shut in together starts driving you mad. The handwarmers can come to the rescue when you’re having too much trouble warming your hands back up, and can handily sit inside the mittens.

If you find that the cold affects your voice, keeping some lozenges in your handbag can help you through the day, as well. A single strip of Strepsils, or a packet of Lockets can take up little space, but will help you if you feel a tickle in your throat or start noticing a cough.

Changing the contents of your bag when the seasons change may seem over the top, but will help you through the winter without too much trouble.

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