Unusual refrigerators: Cool in both senses of the word

If you thought denim was just something to wear, then think again. Based in Guastella, near Reggio Emilia in northern Italy, appliance giant Smeg is well known for creating unique and stylish appliances.

Many homeowners who want something a little different turn to Smeg first and the 60-year-old manufacturer is continuing to be innovative in its new products. Teaming up with fellow fashionable Italian brand Italia Independent, Smeg has just launched the FAB28 fridge, which is entirely covered in denim.

Costing around £1,400 the limited edition fridge has been showcased across the world since its launch in Milan and will also be on display at the Grand Designs Live show in Birmingham in October.

Smeg said it had been inspired to create the tailored technology because: “Denim has always been a part of everyone’s imagination and communicates freshness and comfort, rebellion and style”.

To make sure it is durable in your kitchen, the fabric has been treated with a special nano-technology called PLASMA, which protects the surface of the fridge from splashes of water, oil, milk and fruit juices.

And while Smeg is perhaps the best known appliance brand for creating unusual devices, it is by no means the only manufacturer to make something a little out of the ordinary for your kitchen.

The refrigerator may be something which is necessary in every kitchen. After all, how else would we keep our milk and white wine cool? But it is no longer something which is merely functional.

For those who don’t want a traditional refrigerator ruining the clean lines of their kitchen or who don’t have very much space, Norwegian firm Norcool has a stylish solution. With a total capacity of 170 litres, the fridge includes two pull out drawers and an inner drawer. You can choose to integrate the appliance or opt for a steel front.

Or how about the stackable refrigerator, designed by Stefan Buchberger for Electrolux? Particularly useful for the house-share market, the design allows each member of the household to have their own refrigerator space.

For tech enthusiasts Gorenje has the ideal solution. Designed for the iPod touch, the fridge combines a A+ energy-rated refrigerator with a built-in speaker dock for the iPod touch, making it easy to listen to your favourite tunes while creating one of your favourite dishes. Two 5W integrated speakers are included, giving a great sound quality.

Glass door refrigerators are also highly-stylish options, although they are probably best left to those with a penchant for cleanliness akin to Monica from friends as even the inside of your fridge will be on display.

The sub-zero Pro 48 with glass door looks incredible in industrial-style kitchens or mixed with natural wooden units or worktops.

Whichever option you choose, they’re sure to add a touch of style, that is a little bit different, to your kitchen. Remember though to keep the rest of your kitchen pretty neutral so your stand-out piece can do just that., stand out.

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