Unusual Products from Bodum

If you are anything like me, when you think of Bodum, you imagine modern coffee cafeteries, in colour popping hues, and ultra-durable plastics. Well prepare to be surprised, as Bodum have created some frankly quite quirky and unusual products that we wouldn’t necessarily associate with the Swiss based company.

From tea-pots to herb grinders, water coolers and oil and vinegar dispensers, Bodum have really gone to town with kitchen accessories and we think they are the bee’s knees for anyone who likes a modern kitchen. Check out what we have found:

BODUM Biasca 1.2 Litre/ 40 oz Ice Green Tea Jug, Lime Green – £48

BODUM Biasca 1.2 Litre/ 40 oz Ice Green Tea Jug, Lime Green - £48

This distinctive Biasca Iced Tea Jug by Bodum is ideal for brewing the Swiss local delicacy of cold brewed green tea, yes, you heard that right, cold green tea. If you are wondering how to make cold tea, it’s relatively easy. Simply place the desired amount of green tea leaves in the jug and fill it with cold water where you allow it to steep overnight.

The next day add ice cubes and sugar, as desired,. There is a filter in the jug that is integrated into the lid and designed to keep the green tea leaves in the jug when you pour the tea. From Amazon.com

BODUM Ceylon 1.5 Litre/ 51 oz Ice Tea Jug with Filter – £22

BODUM Ceylon 1.5 Litre/ 51 oz Ice Tea Jug with Filter - £22

The Bodum Ceylon Iced Tea Jugs are ideal for serving cold beverages at the barbecue and warm tea at parties. It can also be used for all kinds of delicious drinks, such as orange juice with mint leaves, sangria with lots of fruit slices or ice water with cucumber or lime slices.

To make the tea, simply add whichever tea leaves you wish to use in the removable filter, pour 1-2 cups of boiling water over the leaves and add your preferred amount of sugar. Wait for the sugar to dissolve then fill the jug up with cold water from the tap and leave in the fridge overnight. The next morning your tea is ready to drink. From Amazon.com

Bodum red ‘Assam’ glass teapot – £24

Bodum red 'Assam' glass teapot - £24

For lovers of hot tea and who want a strong flavour, try out the revolutionary ‘Assam’ teapot from Bodum. The internal strainer is specially designed to lock in all the flavour from the tea leaves and works to infuse the delicious and refreshing aromas with its unique design. Crafted to hold a large 1000ml capacity, in a new and contemporary style, this teapot is made from heat-resistant glass and is dishwasher safe. From Debenhams.com

Bodum Bistro Oil or Vinegar Dispenser- Red – £9.99

Bodum Bistro Oil or Vinegar Dispenser- Red - £9.99

Proper foodies will love this sleek glass bottle from Bodum, especially styled to show off your oil, vinegar or dressings. These dispensers are styled with special pointed plastic beak which works to cut off the flow of oil or vinegar, thus avoiding messy spills and drips on the table.

In addition, there is a little silicone ball in the lid which closes the dispenser to the air when it’s standing upright, and then moves up to open the lid when the bottle is tilted allowing for easy pouring and ensuring that the liquid inside remains fresh. Made from plastic, silicone and borosilicate glass. From Amazon.com

BISTRO Herb chopper Red – £25

BISTRO Herb chopper Red - £25

We have seen herb choppers before, but none as fun as this one! Chop away to your heart’s content with this fabulously designed herb chopper. I don’t know about you but one reason I don’t tend to use many fresh herbs is because of the chore of chopping them, not any more as this device takes all the pain out of chopping.

Just place the herbs in the beaker, turn the rubber lid alternately left and right, and the 7 double-edge stainless steel rotary blades will take care of the rest. From Amazon.com

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