Unusual Food Treats for Christmas from Edible

Unusual Food Treats for Christmas from Edible

If I offered you a bowl of crispy crickets or salted grasshoppers before Christmas dinner, followed by a cup of civet cat coffee and gave you a slab of toffee that contained a scorpion to take home with you, would you think I was going off my rocker?

Well, it may surprise you to know that peanuts and bombay mix are no longer cutting the mustard, as fancy party goers are looking to ever more exotic snacks in order to impress their guests. Nowadays, only chocolate covered insects and salt and vinegar eight legged creatures will do, as hosts are caught up in a culinary war of the canapes.

Thankfully, international company Edible have come to our rescue and have created a range of the weird and wonderful, featuring everything from toasted scorpions to soaking them in vodka. So next time you are having a party and you are walking down the crisps aisle in Sainsburys, remember, cashew nuts are so last year darling!

English garden salt and vinegar grasshoppers – £3.29

Once upon a time you were playing in the garden like all curious children do, a time when you were not yet conditioned to feel that you shouldn’t eat so called creepy crawlies! Edible aim to revive the childhood nostalgia, and take you back to a happy time when eating your own garden collected delicacies, such as these salt and vinegar grasshoppers, did not revolt you. And as an innocent you had an open mind and more importantly an open palete!

English garden salt and vinegar grasshoppers

Toasted scorpions 5g – £11.99

Scorpions are delicious without their sting! These farm-raised delicacies from purveyors of the more unusual snacks, Edible, have been specially detoxified and oven toasted till crisp. Sweet and nutty in taste, they are also high in protein and low in fat, making them an exotic alternative to the usual nibbles.

Toasted scorpions 5g

Tequilalix lollipop 20g – £5.19

Not one for the faint-hearted, this tequila-flavoured lollipop contains an edible worm inside! The worm is specially bred for human consumption and has been reared on a special diet of cereals and fresh greens. It will make a fun addition to your next Mexican fiesta.

Tequilalix lollipop 20g

Thai green curry crickets 1.4g – £3.29

Oven baked crickets farm-raised on a diet of fresh grains and cereals. Baked not fried for a healthy snack. Seasoned with Thai green curry.

Thai green curry crickets 1.4g

Toffee scorpion 50g – £5.79

A toffee flavoured candy, which contains a real edible scorpion! The Scorpion is specially bred in Chinese Scorpion Farms for human consumption and they are heat treated to remove toxins, so that they are safe to eat. Scorpions are said to have many health benefits. This candy looks like a piece of ancient amber, but it also a tasty candy and its even good to your teeth because its also sugar-free. Comes presented in its own smart white card box.

Toffee scorpion 50g

English Garden Worm gin 250ml – £26.99

English Gin infused with an edible earthworm. These eathworms are grown in the fertile soils of Southern England. Earthworms are highly nutritious and add a unique flavour to the gin – a great alternative to the juniper berry. You can also eat the worm after drinking the gin, it makes a delightful treat.

English Garden Worm gin 250ml

Civet coffee 57g – £24.99

This is the rarest and definately most extraordinary coffee in the world! This coffee has been selected for us by Paradoxurus Hermaphroditis. Better know as the Common Palm Civet Cat. It prowls the Sumatran coffee plantations at night, choosing to eat only the finest, ripest cherries.

The stones (which eventually form coffee beans) are then collected by cleaning through the droppings by the natives who collect it. Kopi Luwak as it is known, is considered to be the world’s finest coffee by Native Sumatrans. This coffee has an Intense but delicate flavour and no aftertaste, which is unique in coffee.

This flavour is due to the fact that the coffee has been partially fermented by passing through the system of the Civet. Only about 500 KG’s of this coffee are found each year.

Civet coffee 57g

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