Tangle-Free tool: Dyson’s latest device

There’s just nothing worse, is there, while doing the housework than having to take the hair off the vacuum brushes before you can clean your floors? Yuck.Tangle-Free tool - dyson vacuum device

But British company Dyson has come up with a new tool for vacuum cleaners which should put an end to hair wrapping itself around the brush bars.

Dyson says that its £45 Tangle-Free tool will stop customers from having to go through the grotty task again. By replacing a single brush bar with one which has two heads that rotate in different directions, hair is pushed into a ball, allowing it to be easily sucked up.

It has taken a lot of development time though – seven new patents, 49 engineers and a whopping total of 187 prototypes before Dyson was happy with the Tangle-Free tool, which works with its full-size vacuum cleaners.

Price may prove to be a sticking point, however, with consumers surely baulking at the cost, having already forked out for their cleaner itself, but Dyson is arguing that its new Tangle-Free tool is “the only turbine tool that does not tangle.”

Founder Sir James Dyson said: “Dyson engineers were challenged to improve the traditional tangling tubine.” He added: “We found that rubbing hair in a circular motion causes it to clump, allowing easy removal from surfaces, so we replaced the brushbar in the turbine head with two counter-rotating heads.”

Tangle-Free tool - dyson vacuum device - internal viewDyson claims that while other brushes can lose contact if you are vacuuming uneven surfaces, its tangle free tool has flexible counter-rotating heads and a base plate that undulates, making sure it remains in contact with your floor.

Another advantage is cited to be the fact the brushes maintain contact over a larger proportion of the area underneath the tool, meaning they dislodge hair and dirt right up to the edges of stairs and upholstery without you having to constantly switch vacuum heads.

The tool is compatible with DC19 models upwards, excluding the DC24 and cordless.

The device has immediately been welcomed by critics. Mark Wilson, of fastcodesign.com, said: “I married a woman out of my league, with a whip of a mind and a head of long, blonde hair.” But he added: “With that hair comes a price: a once-a-year delving into my vacuum cleaner, macheteing away the ropes of golden wookie fur looped around its scrubbers.

“I, like so many others, had suffered in silence for years – sure this was only something that happened to me. But, apparently, the designers at Dyson have met the same fate so they created the Dyson Tangle-free Turbine.”

So, it seems the new tool is certainly going to be a hit with those who live with long-haired wives and girlfriends (or boyfriends).

Let’s hope, for Dyson’s sake that this gizmo is more popular than its quirky pet grooming tool, introduced by Sir James a couple of years ago, when he suggested that vacuuming your pet pooch could become a regular part of your housework regime.

Perhaps, next will be a gadget for vacuuming the members of our households with long hair…

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