Unmissable Travel Gadgets

Travelling is wonderful, but it can also be a very stressful experience. Having the right accessories will help you make sure you get everything you can from the holiday, and these gadgets are less well-known but just as useful as anything else you could throw into your car. Read on, be amazed, and add some wonderful paraphernalia to your list of travel necessities!

Limits on the weight of your baggage means you often wish you could easily weigh it at home before you set off. Now you can; easy-to-use, handheld digital scales allow you to weigh your bags before you set off so you can adjust accordingly and be sure you won’t have to pay any extra fees. For only £15, this gadget will pay for itself pretty much the first time it’s used. Definitely a necessity for someone who flies a lot and needs to be able to take precisely as much as possible.

Torches are pretty much invaluable, especially if you’re going camping or plan to do anything at night. But carting along all those batteries isn’t so great, especially if you plan to fly and are restricted in terms of weight. The solar LED torch gives off an amazingly bright light, with up to three hours’ worth of use after six hours’ charge. It’s all right in the UK, but take it to somewhere like Spain orTurkey and you’ve got an unstoppable gizmo to keep the dark at bay!

The Mighty Mini speakers are fabulous, offering lovely loud sound from a tiny box that fits on your key-ring. With a USB jack – through which it charges – and a phono jack to hook it up to a phone, mp3 player, or iPod, it sees to any and all of your needs, providing a sound that is wildly disproportionate to its diminutive size.

And what’s the hardest part of travelling with children (or adults with a sense of fun)? Keeping them busy! The fold-away Race in a Case folds up into a small, easy-to-handle carry case. Slot cars with a difference don’t need a conventional power source; instead, you wind the handle to power your car, allowing you to control its speed by slowing down or speeding up. And if you’re done playing, just fold it all away for an easy, portable racetrack you can unfold wherever and whenever you want to.

Travelling gadgets may seem like a load of insanity, but if you find the right ones they can make your holiday far easier and more enjoyable, too!

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